Baby Smooth Feet!

*screamsss* I've been using Clarisonic (I'm using Mia2 btw) since last september and it has been part of my daily skincare regime! Clarisonic is REALLY POPULAR for their sonic technology for delivering superb cleansing system! Its the Number 1 Cleansing Device recommended by dermatologist! I'm really elated with their latest launch of Clarisonic Pedi Foot Transformation System! 
Women especially, face rough and dry feet on their toes and heels due to prolong wearing of heels! I face exactly the same problem, so how do i maintain my feet? Honestly speaking, I do use a foot file to file my feet occasionally but most of the time I was really lazy or it slipped my mind and i only regret when I was about to put on my heels/flats before heading out the next day :( I don't visit nail salons mainly because I'm a manicurist myself, I really don't see the need of paying to get a pedicure done when I can do it myself (oops!). 

*An important note I would like to address, is that thick skin forms on the balls of your feet / soles mainly because of the pressure due to prolong wearing of heels/flats, you may find only certain parts of your feet has thick and dry skin overgrowth, some nail salons uses blades to slice those skin off and you'll leave the salon happy simply because this procedure simply get rid of the thick skin immediately! #immediatebabyfeet 
BUT did you know that the skin is there for a purpose? the skin that is growing on these pressure points are suppose to PROTECT YOUR FEET, its there to make you stand more comfortably and prevent blisters. Normally if you get a manicurist to use the blade, you'll feel that part of your feet feeling extra sensitive, and did you also know that you'll engage your body to produce even more and thicker skin cells? Thats why after a short while, you'll find yourself spending money at salons again :( 

So what should you do? You can only buff them thinner and smoothen them!

Say bye-bye to manual filing and hello baby feet! ClarisonicPedi Foot Transformation System is precision-engineered to transform overworked heels and toes into baby smooth feet! (:
This system can deliver results 10x better than manual filing! I tried out myself to show you all how it works!

Heres the products in the kit!

Pedi Smoothing Disc and Pedi Wet/Dry Buffing brush head with the device of course~

Pedi Buff Foot Smoothing Exfoliant! This is my favourite, I love exfoliating because its a huge step to remove dead skin!

Pedi Balm Foot Softening Cream!

Pedi Boost Foot Renewal Peel!

Now let me address my feet problem. I have eczema since young thus my skin is already very very dry to begin with! Check out my peeling toes :(

And of course my heel :( The skin there sometimes peel on its own and as you can see its really rough!

Lets get started!

Firstly, use the Pedi Smoothing Disc to smooth and soften the rough skin on DRY FEET. You'll expect to see some powdery residue on your feet.

Next, squeeze out some Pedi Buff and apply all over your feet or you can squeeze it on top of Pedi Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head and start exfoliating!

Normally after this step, you can find a huge difference on the skin texture (:

Next I drip some Pedi Boost on my entire feet and wait for 3-5 minutes!
This foot peel helps stimulate surface skin renewal! Love how light weight and easily absorbed this is! 

Lastly, apply Pedi Balm all over your feet! This moisturiser contains shea butter, honey and apricot oil! My feet feels REALLY SOFT AND HYDRATED after this last step! You can see the difference already!

**Do note that Pedi Smoothing Disc and Pedi Boost can only be use TWICE a week! The rest can be use DAILY (:

Clarisonic Pedi Foot Transformation is the perfect DIY Home Spa for any individual (: It only takes me 10 minutes to rejuvenate my feet and I can look confident in sandals/slippers! 

If you didn’t know, Clarisonic is the leader in scientifically proven sonic technology and skincare products! Clarisonic Pedi Foot Transformation is available at all Sephora Stores at an introductory price at $250(save $40)!m

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Thank you B

Recently my life took a turn and I didn't really wish to explain much about the previous break up, someone asked me if I will be doing a blog post about it, in case you don't know, my reply was "If I were to do a post about it, I'm afraid one blog post is not enough" there were more negativity than the latter. 

I was reading an article about how human beings are being judgemental and how we judge by what we see and the belittle understandings towards situations only makes things more complicated. Anyways, I have moved on and I learnt that being happiness can occur thru very simple things in life, my friends say that I'm much happier now (obviously) rather than drowning in tears & heartbreaks like how I use to be. I use to shield the negativity of my previous relationship with photos that create a fake facade of a "perfect" relationship. Then when things really happen, I regret doing all these. I was broken. 

After the breakup I chose to shut down because I have serious trust issues, honestly speaking, I can be the most paranoid gf ever, because my ex has proved all my sixth sense right. I feel afraid of knowing new people and sorry but I feel all guys are the same :( 
All these time, I questioned my identity and character, I asked myself again and again what the hell was wrong with me? I kept making wrong choices and I chose to stick to someone who doesn't cherish me at all. 

Finally fate took a turn and little that I know that my current love B, was this guy that cracked me up at an event job 11 years ago. ERMAIGAWD what?! 11 years? 
Sometimes fate is really magical, after so long, i kept thinking why do we have to wait so long to find each other? I finally understand that timing is really important too. We grew to become mature, to love with a bigger heart and we learn to appreciate and respect each other. 

My boyfriend not only show me that trust & respect is easily earned by action. He also taught me many knowledges about business and life. I grew to become a better person because he inspires me. He places me first and he loves his family, he holds on to his loved ones dearly. He is protective of me and cares ALOT to my emotions & needs. He doesn't make me feel inferior and he makes me feel well taken care of. 

Although whatever happened to me in the past impacted me a lot emotionally, I'm really elated now that I found the one for me. I'm lucky and we still can't believe we're together after 11 years of friendship. Thanks B for healing me, respecting me, taking care of me, giving me advices and thank you for giving me a place in your heart *smooches* 

Love letters that he writes to me when he is away for work :) 

谢谢你哦 ♪(v^_^)