Recently having this fetish for that curly fringe so I've been kinda damaging my own hair, no frets as I'm finally getting my hair fixed next week at my favourite Artica Salon!

F1 is jus over the weekend and I'll be working for the same client and this is my 5th year working with them, my agent says i deserve a long service award, I agree to that! I was so thrilled earlier this week as I 'm working with my favourite clinic soon, I'm glad I chose them to take care of my skin, revealing soon!

Sometimes don't you just feel that SG is so small, it seems that everyone has some sort of connection somehow or rather, for e.g., you realise that this friend has so many common friends with you. So what I do advise is, DON'T talk bad about people behind their backs and pretend to be friendly to that person or the people around him/her , and end up bitching about that person again. -> this is commonly known is two-headed snake. And please don't think your secret is safe with your friends, they might not agree to your behaviour as well.



Sail Away!

Hi everyone! I haven't been updating this space lately due to work commitments and I took time off from work as August is my only month where I get more rest and hang out with my friends more often!

I realize that we are so busy with our daily work and hey, work hard play hard right? Sometimes you just need to stop and take a breather, its good to pamper yourself once in awhile!

Taking a break can be hanging out with friends at a bar, singing our hearts out at KTV, once in a while, you can plan a yacht party (:

I was elated to be able to join fellow GC bloggers on a sail & dine trip with Neo Yacht by Orange Clove!

Super excited!
Meet up with the girls at One Degree 15 (:

With dearest Jolene!

We went on board our yacht name Passion One, its quite spacious inside and it has KTV too! We were too shy to sing :p

When I got in Passion One, the tables and bar were filled with glorious food provided by Orange Clove catering! *pictures later*
We were brief by a member from Neo Group how our itinerary will be like and we can't wait to get started!

Our yacht for the day - Passion One!

With Isabel, Jolene, Szes, Valerie and Nicole! Thats alot of eye candies (:(:

When we took off, most of us started indulging ourselves with the wide spread of food!


If you wanna plan a yacht trip, catering is a MUST! All these lovely food were prepared by Orange Clove catering!

Be sure to read on for an exciting promotion I have for you guys! Chartering a yacht isn't as expensive as you might think!

We were all going gaga over the fruit tarts, the grapes tart was my favourite (: the grapes were glazed with sugar and the tart wasn't too sweet so it was just nice to my liking! whats yours?

We went to the top of Passion One for photos! The wind was really strong but the weather was cooling! We set off to Lazarus Island for exploring! The yacht will make a stop there for us to walk around or relax at the dock (:

here we are!

and we started snapping non stop~

some behind the scenes hehe^

I adore this kind of luxury lifestyle once in a while, its relaxing and its a good time to get together with friends. & I feel its is a good day trip to celebrate special occasion (:

hey kitty^

we decided to take yoga shots hahaah it was pretty funny, we couldn't balance well and we had to take multiple shots!
then Isabel suggested to take jump shots, I swear this has to be the most epic shot taken, please see below~

getting ready~~~~

THEN MY TOP & HAIR JUST............

favourite spot hanging out at the front part of Passion One!

changed into bikinis for some shots and the girls are taking a dip later on!

Nicole & Isabel working hard for a chio shot!

say cheese!!!

we took off to another location for a dip!

my favourite shot of the day!


the girls taking a dip!

Jolene & I decided to stay on board to take more photos hehe^^

 Now heres an exciting promotion for my readers~ 
Quote "GUSHCLOUDxJUNYING" in order to enjoy a special rate on board Neo Yacht 
*$1499 (mon-thur) *$1699 (fri-sun) for 18pax chartering 

Orange Clove - 
Neo Yacht - 
Orange Clove INSTAGRAM -

Its good to invest some time for yourself and your loved ones and charter a yacht for a day trip!
Thank you Neo Group & Gushcloud for the invite!