Samsung Features..

Hi everyone, remember my first post about Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE

This smartphone has too many exciting functions & features that I have to talk about them again!

I'm currently very hooked to taking many pictures with this phone, and privacy is really important to me, so I really love the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE’s fingerprint authentication, which I use mainly for these 2 functions:  
1. Unlock the lock screen 
2. Unlock Private Mode 
So, whats Private Mode?  
It’s actually a convenient way of hiding private files that you don't want others to see.  
Simply click on Options mode on a file or photo, click on "Move to Private", and it will be successfully hidden when you turn on your Private Mode. 
To make things even more convenient, instead of unlocking this mode using a password, you can save time by using your fingerprint! 

This is my first time experiencing GALAXY Life. This is an exclusive app with lots of rewards solely for GALAXY S5 LTE users only 
Inside this app, I am able to gain access to many exclusive deals, including discounts to fashion, food, mini courses, massages, hotel staycations and more!

As you can see, I'm able to redeem a free scoop of ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery from this application! Each deal has to be redeemed within 1 hour. 
Simply just click on the GALAXY Life, and you will be surprised by the number of privileges that you get as a GALAXY S5 LTE user!

Also, there is GALAXY Gifts!

GALAXY Gifts is a platform for Samsung GALAXY users, where you can get a collection of apps and exclusive mobile content for FREE (: 
Now this is getting interesting isn't it? I myself never imagined a mobile device can have access to have so many good deals and benefits! 

I was also introduced to S Health app, which is preinstalled in my GALAXY S5 LTE, its an amazing app that can help me track my health statistics and my exercise regime! Absolutely perfect for individuals with active lifestyles! 

S Health can also inform me about my heart rate and update the number of steps I should take on my pedometer~ I used to be a lazy person because I don't exercise regularly, but what I do is take walks really often instead of taking public transport to the shopping mall near my place to do my purchasing. With S health I can finally feel I really do burn some calories during my daily lifestyle as well! 

I can easily track my heart rate by putting my finger on the sensor at the back of the phone just below the camera, where a red light will light up when it senses my heart rate on my finger, and the S health will show me my heart rate! 

Lastly, introducing the Samsung Gear Fit, the first wearable device with a curved SUPER AMOLED touch screen. 
For individuals with active lifestyles, you can now check who is calling you while you’re working out, read emails or even check the weather.

Gear fit is able to track my heart rate while I work out, and also with real time Fitness Coaching, I am able to get on the go workout advices! Using S Health app, I record my meals and receive advices to improve my lifestyle!

Samsung Gear Fit is also water and dust resistant! It is protected up to 1 metre of water for 30 minutes and entry of sweat, rain, sand and dust! This is just the perfect accessory for those health junkies 
And you don't have to worry about missing phone calls, texts or emails!

Having Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE has allowed me to understand that this is not just a mobile phone, but a gadget designed to help individuals improve their lifestyles and have convenience, and privacy as well!  
Thank you Samsung for letting me experience the wonders of GALAXY S5 LTE and Gear Fit! (: