I'm forever 21 =X

 I held my #forever21 birthday party last month with my lovely girls! I booked a room at Siloso Beach Resort to have some girly session!

I guess I have to be the most shameless birthday girl bahahahaha… i name my group chat "JY's 18th Birthday" but I guess it was too much lol.
These sneaky girls planned many surprises for me that day, I'm so grateful to have them in my life~ Thanks for making me feel special (:

I had no dress code for my birthday and the girls kept pressing me to jus say one colour, i said "pastel". so I ended up wearing yellow and the girls wore white!
My bf lend me his car so I met up with Trina and Xiangyu first to collect my childish balloon (that later), not knowing I can't keep them in the car if not they might burst, so i made my way to PS Cafe for lunch.

Once i reach the cafe, I saw all the girls already reached much earlier than me, decorating the table with balloons! First surprise, u got me!

sneaky huh~

I had my first serving of cake (chocolate mudpie yummy)~~
afterwich I drove to collect my balloons!

and manage to squeeze all 30 of it in my CRV. ok sneak peek of those Frozen Balloons!
we did some grocery shopping at Vivo and we finally checked in!!

it was so much fun and we played the Luge too! no pics!

I had the ultimate surprise when the girls told me to go upstairs where the rooftop jacuzzi is to chill. i grabbed chips and started munching, Audrey told us to record another video on how the luge ride was so i was crapping a lot of stuff and later she held her laptop in front of me and told me she wanted to show me something --> it was a video of birthday wishes collage done by many of my closest friends! even my aunt was in it! my poly friends, manicurists… i started tearing.

i've watched many touching videos and often ask myself. will i ever cry if it happen to me, and i did. it felt like a rush of mixed emotions and i felt so thankful, i don't think i deserve all of these. Lastly, the one who planned this was my boyfriend. He appeared in the video last, singing a song which my friends will hum every time they see him, and he came in with a Frozen birthday cake hehehe~

 Thank you love (: muacks.

my babies~ thank you audrey for taking time to make the video!
and kanny for baking those awesome cookies! this woman don't cook, and she spent the whole day making those cookies for me, I ATE THEM ALL. ehheheeh

Thanks Joyce for lugging my present all the way from London!!

my polaroid printer came in handy!


AND THANK YOU TRINA for the Frozen Cake!!
Thank you Xyu for ordering the balloons!

 Below are photos taken by Audrey. It has more emotions and you can feel we were such happy people (:

And finally my Forever 21 video (:
birthday video which made me cry is too private, I'm saving it for my own viewing pleasure (:



Recently having this fetish for that curly fringe so I've been kinda damaging my own hair, no frets as I'm finally getting my hair fixed next week at my favourite Artica Salon!

F1 is jus over the weekend and I'll be working for the same client and this is my 5th year working with them, my agent says i deserve a long service award, I agree to that! I was so thrilled earlier this week as I 'm working with my favourite clinic soon, I'm glad I chose them to take care of my skin, revealing soon!

Sometimes don't you just feel that SG is so small, it seems that everyone has some sort of connection somehow or rather, for e.g., you realise that this friend has so many common friends with you. So what I do advise is, DON'T talk bad about people behind their backs and pretend to be friendly to that person or the people around him/her , and end up bitching about that person again. -> this is commonly known is two-headed snake. And please don't think your secret is safe with your friends, they might not agree to your behaviour as well.