KLM X Airbnb Instant Getaway!

Hello everyone! I'm sure you've seen my teasers on KLM instant getaway contest on my Instagram and Facebook page! 

Have you ever thought of going away just for a weekend at a villa with our very own private pool? Now you don't have to dream it! Just read on to know more about KLM Instant Giveaway! 

Just to let you guys know more about KLM

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is founded in 1919 and is the oldest operating airline under it's original name! Experience hassle free check in and pass through custom! What's so unique about KLM is that you get to enjoy true Dutch hospitality throughout your flight. And they serve in flight meals and provide over 1000 hours of in flight entertainment the moment you board and throughout your flight all the way till touch down! 

As you arrive in Bali, you will be escorted through a fast-track immigration and baggage service and meet your personal chauffeur who will whisk you to your private villa.

Airbnb connects you to unique travel accommodation in 190 countries, you can stay in penthouses to villas, lofts to castles! You can enjoy a close to home experience instead of staying in hotels.
I've always been interested in cultural exchanges with the locals, it leaves a very different impression interacting with the host to learn more about their lifestyle!

Check out https://www.airbnb.com.sg and explore the unique lifestyle homes that you can stay with your family and loved ones, book your dream destination holiday with Airbnb to enjoy your own unique experience!

So how do you register? 

PRIZE-- 1 Winner + 3 friends will get a 4D3N trip to Bali on KLM. It also comes with accommodation – an Airbnb Bali villa with your own private pool! 

So how do you sign up? 

1. Go to www.klminstantgetaway.com to register (4-5 December)

2. Pack your luggage and passport! Head over to Scape on 6 December with your 3 friends at 10am-12pm to attend the Live draw! 10 sets of winners will be announced! 

3. FLY TO BALI IMMEDIATELY! Winners then will immediately be taken to Bali with us in a coach to Changi Airport. 

There will be Miffy the cute Dutch rabbit, games, food and prizes to be won! Also, Airbnb will be giving away travel credits to be used for your next trip! Come on down to Scape this saturday! 

Hurry sign up at http://www.klminstantgetaway.com/ now! (: 


Skincare Regime!

Disclaimer: In order to ensure the honesty of my personal reviews, all photos used in this blog post are non edited except for brightness.

I've mentioned on my blog previously that I've decided to ditch my "rojak" skincare I use and fully concentrate on IDS Clinic skincare that Dr Heng prescribed for me!
So heres my skincare regime for the past 1.5 months! I took longer time to do up this post is because I wanted to ensure that the products worked well for me and our skin don't improve overnight, if you want to look good, you have to be diligent on the skincare products you use!

heres the products that I use! It seems like a lot but I got use to it after awhile!
below are step by step photos of how I use the products, I'm wearing a hairband to show my readers my bare face, if you feel you can't accept how I look below i suggest you exit my page now =x


Step 1: Cleansing gel to remove my make up, its fragrance free and its safe to be used on sensitive skin!

Verdict: It has an oily texture and effectively remove make up on my face, I suggest using another eye make up remover on eyes as it will sting a little when I try to wipe off my eyeliner. After washing the cleansing gel off, my face doesn't feel dry after washing.

Step 2: Gentle Cleanser. Fragrance free as well, it contains anti-irritant and antioxidant botanical extracts to moisturise skin! It can be used on chest or back as well!

Verdict: Product doesn't feel really foamy when I rub it on wet palms, for me I always thought FOAMY = CLEAN. I'm totally wrong, IDS Gentle Cleanser doesn't make my skin feels dry or tight after washing!

Step 3: Facial Scrub, to use it 1-2 times per week. It contains ultra fine crystals to exfoliate dead skin cells and promote even skin tone!

Verdict: This has to be one of their best selling product! This scrub can be applied on my entire face, and theres warm tingling sensation immediately after applying on damp skin. Fine crystals doesn't irritate my skin after I rub the scrub on my face for 2-3 minutes. After washing, my face feels like baby cheeks and its VERY VERY CLEAN & EXFOLIATED! 

Step 4: Purifying Toner. Alcohol free product with photo protective properties. Repair DNA damage caused by UV exposure.

Verdict: I love how this toner is sprayed on my face, it feels really light and I was told that toner acts like a double cleanse, sometimes dirt get trapped underneath your pores and toner helps to clean up your skin even better. I'm always skeptical about using toner as it made my skin feels tight after using, but thats because most of the toners contain alcohol, but IDS Purifying Toner is alcohol free!

Step 5: C-Plus. Reduces appearance of fine lines and blemishes, promote even skin tone! Contains Nanospheres for enhanced absorption!

Verdict: THIS PRODUCT ABSORBS REALLY FAST. and you can see the photo above how my skin has already looked much more radiant than the photos above before I started cleansing my face. My skin feels moisturised right away, definitely feeling a layer of goodness on my skin! 

Step 6: Oil Free Moisturiser. As said, its oil free. It helps to lighten acne scars as well! Supplying my skin with much needed moisture. It contains vitamin C & E and botanical extracts!

Verdict: If you're someone that don't like to go to bed with a sticky face, this product is definitely thumbs up, OM doesn't leave a greasy finish and it absorbs really fast. I can feel all moisture is locked in. 

Step 7: SPOT. Powerful formula to tackle fast-acting spots and potential acne/pimple. Just apply small amount on affected area.

Verdict: I only use it when I spot potential pimple that is about to pop up on my face, after applying it, just overnight, the redness from the spot is mostly reduced. Most of my pimples did not manage to surface after applying Spot diligently! 

Step 8: Sunscreen SPF50, non-tinted. Prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your skin. Helps maintain even skin surface temperature.

Verdict: Sunscreen plays a major part in my life, I even apply it when i'm at home, yes I'm that kiasu. I don't wish to see freckles appearing on my skin now that I'm growing older. I love the light liquid being absorbed into my skin, thanks to IDS I feel protected from harmful UV rays (with additional help from Lyco White of course, check out my previous post

I don't usually wear make up at home when I work, and I've been receiving praises from my clients that my skin looks really radiant, fair & free from blemishes! Of course I shared with them the wonders of IDS products too!

You're still not too late to receive a free consultation when you make an appointment with IDS Clinic (: - valid till end of this year-

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