Keloid treatment

Hey peeps, its been awhile since I've shared something useful on my blog rather than jus pics of my dates and holidays. 

I guess most of you might know that I did plastic surgery 2 years ago, and of course it is obvious that I did my nose as well. In this post, I will like to highlight the importance of taking care of your wounds. 

I did rhinoplasty and I've used the soft bone behind my left ear for my nose tip, resulting a scar behind my ear. 

During my recovery, I went to hair salons for hair wash, and despite my repeat warnings of the sensitive scar behind my ear, some hair technicians would still rub the back of my ear or scrap the scar using the ends of their comb, that sting I experienced on the wound would last for hours. About 4-6 months after my surgery, I start to feel some itch behind my ear and I often scratch it without thinking what was going on behind my ear, I couldn't see it thus I did not pay any attention to what I was about to expect. 

My sister noticed it at first and took a photo of my ear, and to my horror, this was what I saw: 

There are growths of skin on my scar and its itching time to time. No sooner I realize it's keloids growing on my ear. I made an appointment at National Skin Center and visited Dr Stephanie Ho a couple of times for my skin problem (eczema and psoriasis) and keloid. So last December, I did a CO2 laser treatment to remove the keloid behind my ear. 

And here's the photos of my recovery, photos are self taken using iPhone thus quality isn't very good. 

Still very raw, very sensitive. It aches a lot when I touch it. 

About a week later the wound starts to close up. Still feeling sensitive. Not so much of pain. 

About a month after treatment. 

It's been about 4 months since post treatment, I need to go back to Dr Ho every month for a mild steroid injection to suppress the keloid from growing out again for about 6 months. 

This is not an advert, I paid about $400 for the laser (at National Skin Center), Dr Ho has since opened a demertology clinic and I've been receiving steroid jabs for about $20-30 each time excluding consultation. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Ho for imparting so much of keloid knowledge to me so that I can share with you guys. 

Keloids don't just grow out on all scars, if u do plastic surgery, your face heals very well, keloids are more prone growing on ears, neck, chest. It can be hereditary as well. 
Question: Will CO2 eliminate keloid completely? 
The answer is no, you need to take extra care and your daily lifestyle might affect area and trigger it to grow back. 

You can purchase Dermatix at any pharmacy to apply on your scar AFTER it had healed COMPLETELY. Whether or not it's for keloids or any scars you might incur after plastic surgery. 

Each tube cost about $80. 
Recently I'm feeling the itch behind my ear again after I start wearing face mask at work, I informed Dr Ho about it and she advise me to stop wearing it and continue my steroid treatment with her to monitor. So far my scar is still flat. Girls if you want to look good, please take very very good care of your scars. 

If you are experiencing keloid problems, skin problems/ allergy or even interested in getting aesthetics treatment, you can look for :

(Please note that Dr Ho is no longer practicing at Nation Skin Center, she has opened a clinic since Jan 2016) 
Dr Stephanie Ho 
9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza, Scotts Medical Center #08-05, Singapore 228210
Contact: +65 6262 0880 

This is not an advert, I'm just sharing my keloid treatment experience and give a shoutout to Dr Ho for taking care of my keloid :)) 


Taiwan Kaohsiung!

I went to Taiwan Kaohsiung on 22 March for jus a short trip as I was there to attend a private nail lesson with one of my favourite teacher :) it's just a three day trip and my BF insisted on tagging along cos he didn't want me to be alone. 

I did a little Google search and found a famous beef noodle eatery near our hotel! 

Their soup is reallyyyyy fantastic and its a perfect dish for a slightly cold weather in Kaohsiung! 

We ordered extra dumpling soup which I thought it was so so cos the soup is kinda bland, dumpling skin was bland too but the meat was not bad. The portion of the beef noodles is quite big so it's actually enough :) 

店名 : 原鄉牛肉拉麵

地址 : 高雄市新興區林森一路272-1號

電話 : 07-2357121

營業時間 : 早上10:00 ~ 晚上20:30  (星期一公休)

Here's the information of the eatery above! 

Basically I was having lessons the entire day! So BF and I only have time at night to visit night markets! 

I visited a couple of night markets as some of them are quite small, just a straight lane of food stalls thus I only stayed for 45 mins max for some of them. 

My favourite night market will be 瑞丰夜市 (Ruifeng Night Market). They have many food choices, many game stalls which is pretty fun actually! I stayed there for one whole night, this night market closes quite late around 1am. 

There are many clothing stalls too! 

My favourite game stall where u pay NT50 for a basket of I think 50 small wooden rings, you jus toss and u get whatever u manage to catch. I manage to win 3 bottles of soft drinks 😂😂 

I forced my BF to try smelly tofu for the first time! The smell was unbearable but hey, I ordered the fried one! It's not THAT smelly ok. But I think he still hates it LOL 

I spent the last day taking my BF to my ULTIMATE FAVOURITE TEPPENYAKI PLACE call 夏慕尼 (Charmonix). I've been a huge fan of this restaurant ever since my first visit to Taiwan 5 years ago and it's been a staple to my itinerary every time I visit this country. 
I was even more thrilled to find that they have an outlet in Kaohsiung!

Service is superb and the food is fantastic! 

You can go to http://www.chamonix.com.tw/m/index.html to find out more! 

There isn't shopping areas like 五份铺 in taipei so we made our way to this shopping mall called 汉神巨蛋 but........ Other than splurging on branded cosmetics, there's nothing much to buy. I didn't have time to explore the scenery Or tourist attraction there so I cannot recommend much. 

I googled for brunch places and settled for a tiny cafe call Summer Alley. Take note that they close at 5pm! It's very cozy and the food is cheap! Taste good too! 
Summer Alley夏弄(早午餐|咖啡|甜點|下午茶)
服務專線:07 536 7579

Ending off my post with a selfie! I bought a set of detachable wide angle lens for camera phone, gives a vintage cute effect, it's only NT290! 

Just a short trip but I treasured every moment of my bf's company ❤️ I'm sooo glad that he tagged along despite knowing that he has to wait 5-6 hours for me to finish my classes for two days without complaining, very love 💋💋