Visiting Maldives with Canon PowerShot

I often heard of and saw how extraordinarily beautiful Maldives was through friends and readings online. For me, it sounded like the perfect honeymoon destination or a great beach holiday to take time off our busy work schedule. Never would I have thought though, that I would have been packing my bags for Maldives so soon!

Maldives is a HIGHLY RAVED destination for fashion shoots and magazine covers! The extravagant blue ocean backdrop requires no filter and it’s just so picture perfect! With a view like that, I knew I could not miss out on the perfect photo opportunity.

I was really privileged to have traveled with Tricia and Audrey on my trip there! I had one other travel buddy that stuck with me throughout the trip courtesy of Canon Singapore and that was the Canon PowerShot SX600 HS! Whenever I go overseas, bringing a camera is one of my essentials. When I first received the camera, first thing that came to me was how compact it was, even with 18x Optical Zoom!

So the day finally came for us to fly.

Tricia and I with our sleepy faces as we reached the airport at 630am!

It was a 4 hour flight there but it somehow felt a little longer. Kept drifting in and out of sleep in the plane!

Upon touching down, we were escorted to our boat ride. While waiting for them to load the luggage, all of us couldn’t stop snapping away! Especially with the blue sea! I've never seen such clear waters before!

After a short 10-minute ride, we arrived at the hotel! The moment I laid eyes on the place, all I could think of was the little Lookbook I planned to do! We received a short tour from our hotel concierge and all I could keep a lookout for was where I could shoot myself for the trip!

This pavilion is located beside the hotel lobby. The sea water has such lovely shades of cyan and blue gradient!

Our home for the next few days! As there were 3 of us, we went for the Island Cottage room. It was a bit further from the beach but it was a comfortable size!

And check out the bathroom!

This place was where I took my shower every night. I know some of the girls were afraid of bathing there as they felt it was too ‘open-concept’ for them but I loved it! I would look up into the night sky and look in wonder at the bright stars!

Here's 3 of us! We started unpacking a little when all our tummies started rumbling. So we decided to head out for lunch!

But first...#letmetakeaselfie. haha

Ok, one thing I’d like to point out about this camera is how compact it is! I'm not someone accustomed to handling big cameras/big bags, especially when I travel. The Canon PowerShot SX600 HS was a great size as it was so compact and handy. If I didn’t want to carry out a bag, it could even fit into my shorts pocket! (Of course, this depends on how deep your pocket size is).

Here's the view of the beach huts right outside our Island Cottage. So encapsulating.

Here at the restaurant that we ended up going to every night!

Of course, being Asian, snapping pictures seem to come before your growling stomach! Haha Was quite happy the resort was on low-peak season at that point cause I was standing up with my hands high up for this shot! Gotta say I was impressed with the image stabilizer on this camera. Shot ‘blindly’ for this picture and the image came out clear.:) On a side note, what I’ve learnt which is important for these kind of shots is lighting. Bright, daylight helps a lot!

Fast forwarding to Day 4 (cause the other days before, we spent quite a bit of time relaxing on the beach and in the room haha), Tricia and I decided to be adventurous and we tried Parasailing! I heard many people telling me about how nice Parasailing was so I decided it was finally my turn to do if for myself! We wanted to get the evening time slot with the sunset but they didn’t have one. :(


(Although you sadly can’t see it from my point of view) I cannot think of any other words to describe the stunning view. I saw many small islands in the distance, sand banks, layers and layers of gradient ocean. The soft wind blowing against my face, my dangling feet in mid air, it was just that moment of serenity and I felt really free (:

Audrey stayed in the boat to help us snap shots! Here she used the Creative Shot Mode! What this mode does is randomly crops and applies filters to your original shot and gives you 5 different photos! Of course, the original image still remains and you can filter out which ones you like after.:)

We were actually pretty far away when Audrey snapped this but she used the 18x Optical Zoom for this which made us seemed really close to the boat!

Touched back down still feeling overwhelmed (:

After parasailing, we went to snorkel! The resort provided us complimentary rental of the snorkel equipment but we could barely see any fish in the water! Haha so we decided to pay USD $50 to head out to a Coral Reef.

The boat ride was pretty bumpy but I’m thanking the image stabiliser in the camera again for this clear shot, allowing me to take cheeky selfies! This was taken on our last day before we headed back to SG. The 45 minute boat ride back allowed me to savour the last few moments of the trip. I was really glad this trip happened - friendship blossomed and we took many photos to keep them as memories~.

Talking about keeping photos as memories, I’ve got one last thing about this camera which made it such a great-to-have on this trip – it had a built-in Wi-Fi function! We took so many photos on that trip and sometimes Tricia would help me take a picture on her camera and vice-versa. Gone were the days where I would have to wait for my friends to upload our travel pictures to Facebook before I could grab them and use it for myself. I managed to get the photos right into my phone, within minutes of us taking it! All we had to do was to download the Canon Camera Connect from Apps Store, connect the camera to the app and download photos to our smartphones and start sharing easily (: This function is definitely a must-have with our growing internet community – super convenient!

Alright, so the moment I’m pretty excited about - My Maldives Lookbook!

All photos were taken by my lovely travel companions with the Canon PowerShot SX600 HS!

Using the Creative Shot Mode which helped me get a sepia-like effect.

And just for laughs, I decided to bring my cute Rilakkuma figurines and I had an idea to shoot them using the Macro mode. Here's their mini lookbook too. Haha

My favourite shot of them "admiring" the sunset (:

Speaking of sunset.....

 I really miss the sunsets at Maldives. They were gorgeous.

I'm missing Maldives already~ 

Thank you Canon for making this trip happen! I'm really blessed to be able to visit such a wonderful place! Thank you for giving me memories to keep.:)

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