KLM X Airbnb Bali trip!

Hi everyone! Holidays are always fun with the right company! & I'm really glad to be given the opportunities to fly to Bali with GC peeps thanks to KLM & Airbnb! It was a fruitful trip and let me share with you guys my very first beach vacation experience!

(ps. I have never been to a beach holiday, normally I prefer to travel to more urbanised cities. So now you understand my excitement!)

And so I did it, I packed my luggage and went to *Scape for the live draw, honestly speaking i was feeling nervous for the contestants as well! Only the winners get to fly immediately, but Airbnb was really generous to give out vouchers for the contestants that didn't win so they don't leave empty handed!

A must have "wefie" shot before we zoom off on KLM flight to Bali!

It's my first time flying with KLM! Did you know that they are the oldest airline still operating under its original name? It is a full service flight with meals even for short flights to Bali!

Joanna cannot contain her excitement. All of us just couldn't wait to get on board and start our holiday!

I was warmly welcome by the crew as I found my way to my seat.
KLM has over 1000 hours of inflight entertainment including recent movies. The best part about KLM airline is that I get to enjoy my movie from the start of the flight till I touch down!

My dinner during flight! The food and bun were served hot.

OOPS I took a bite before I shot this =p

Upon arrival, I receive my villa information and photos of where I will be staying! We were spilt into 2 groups staying at different villas and all of us proceeded out of immigration to our transport who will be driving us to our villa! I've seen so many raves about villas with private pool, thank you Airbnb for providing us with such great hospitality!

All of us will be staying at Seminyak! I understand its a popular tourist attraction!

We arrive at our villa kinda late and we met with our host where he introduced us around the villa. He also asked what time we prefer to have our breakfast.

So this is how my villa look like:

Once I entered the villa, the atmosphere felt really private and the garden was really clean, we literally walk around the villa barefooted. The hosts were such friendly people it just feel like home (:

The villa had quite a number of bedrooms to house the 5 of us who were staying in the villa! This is my favourite part of the villa, I love chilling by the pool and I felt close to nature!

What you see is what you get (: *thumbs up*

dreamy shot of Doreen having her breakfast.

Having toast with such lovely view is really a cherry on top of a wonderful holiday! I just can't wait to start my day^^

This is what I'm not able to do in SG, I'm just too swept with work sometimes, I cannot really feel relax, but it feels completely different in the villa. I can totally get use to this, enjoying my coffee & toast~

Chilling out with my friends at the pool, making breakfast in the kitchen or chit chat till wee hours in the morning without having to worry about disturbing neighbours.

Airbnb creates a unique holiday experience by connecting you to experience the local culture of each city you visit! I mean you can never experience the same thing in a commercialised hotel room, or even let you interact with the locals~
Sometimes rather than flipping the guide book for cafes or restaurants, I personally rely more on what the locals introduce because if they think is good, it is REALLY THE BEST RECOMMENDATION and you can never go wrong with that!

Pool party with GC peeps at the other villa!

Heart to heart talk with the girls!

Our friendly driver took us out for some shopping and grabbing snacks at the minimart has become one of our favourite late night hobby (:

Our host even prepared a BBQ feast for us! We had a widespread of selection from seafood to chicken! We had the best host and they even called in massage services for us right in our villa!

We spent our last evening exploring Seminyak beach! Some of us prefer to chill by the bar while some went for a swim at the open sea! The seawater was fairly clean, you can rent a surf board or take part in other water activities.
I'm just gonna stick to my cocktail (:

So, holidays don't last forever. A final photo with our lovely host before we leave our cozy villa! Thank you Airbnb for providing us with this awesome accommodation throughout our stay! Its my first experience not only it was full of fun and laughter, I also get to experience the warm hospitality of the locals!

 Final shot at the airport before we jet back to SG on KLM!

A big thanks to GC peeps, we had SO MUCH FUN and the inside jokes were great memories! Can't wait for our next trip together!

Thank you KLM for flying us to Bali & Airbnb for the awesome villa!



Happy 2015! I'm glad that I made this trip to Taiwan to catch Taipei 101 fireworks with my bf. 

Everytime I pin down a new post during a brand new year, I reflect upon the ups and downs I experience during that past 365 days. I can say that I'm a very negative person, I don show it out, only my close friends and my bf knows. As much as I try my best to be positive, I realize I do get affected by individuals who entered into my circle of life unknowingly, and I allow someone that I care about to hurt me badly. But end of the day, I still choose to follow my heart, and choose to believe. I am patient and I have a strong heart, that doesn't mean I am entirely ok. I just don show it out, I jus do my part. 

Regarding the saga recently, I'm pretty sure many of you have read the leaked convo. That is how I speak to my friends in private, my English is really bad so I hav nothing to defend on that, I would like to address the 3 individuals that I talked about in the convo, I will not say their names, those who read the convo will know or if they chance upon my post they will know. 

Firstly, I mentioned that G's angelic image is ruin. I guess I've used the wrong vocab. I always see her as a positive person especially her love for dogs, and I did not mean that she's a bad person in any way till now. what I said was in an act of harsh frustration, I apologise for my wrong assumption, I do not have bad intentions nor have bad impressions. 

Secondly, I screenshot what T posted on her ig and called her annoying. When e saga happened, GC created #faithingushcloud and it was for GC peeps to promote positivity to hav faith before the official response was out. I'm of cos bias towards GC, I've said my piece that I wasn't ever being force to mask an as and I've worked with them for the past 2 years. When I was actively clicking on that hashtag to read what my peers posted, I chance upon T's post expecting to read something positive, but it wasn't, I felt angsty cos I felt that she misuse that hashtag. But of cos I don knw her in real life and she can have her own opinion, I shouldn't judge her base on what she wrote on her own ig account. I apologise for misjudging you and I'm sorry for being so bitchy. 

Thirdly, I wrote in the group chat that C shared Xx post and I called her two headed snake and change attitude cos she asked me for nails sponsorship before. After reading some comments on ig, I agree with C that she doesn't know that I'm from GC, so I would like to applogise for my harsh words towards you and misjudging you cos I myself would have felt offended as it's maligning you. And sorry for dragging u in the chat. But referring to this screenshot below: 

I jus have some clarification to make as this comment would have been read by many readers on that ig post. 
1. She's my friend gf, so i thought it would be good and easy to work together -> she should be referring to my bf, but I don't think their friendship is close enough for me to accept an offer on a sponsorship, this I won't comment much. 

2. I asked Junying for sponsorship 1.5 years ago -> this part to me is a huge time lapse. Bcos when my bf mention this to me, it was in 2014, I forgot which month was it BUT it's definitely not 2013. Unless my bf took more than a year to recall the request for sponsorship, I only remember that shortly after, she's being sponsored by her current sponsor. I don have proof on my side, but if there is I will gladly apologise for my mistake. 

3. I wasn't even a blogger yet -> this part I can back up with my previous point, when I heard about the request for sponsorship, only then I went to see her IG, everytime I receive a request, I will see their ig to see if their followers are of potential consumers. When I saw her ig, she's already a blogger, so it can't be 1.5 years ago right? And lastly, why would someone ask for sponsorship when she's not a blogger yet? 
For eg, I can't be asking for a job at the law firm telling the boss that oh I'm gonna be a lawyer in about 1 year time so can I get the job first? 

I can be bitchy and yes I do gossip. But one thing I don do is to gossip in front of the person (the chat was not suppose to leak out, it's a platform for us to vent our frustrations). Also, I DON'T LIE. I'm not gg to contradict myself but I said how I feel in the chat, if you read the chat properly, another friend of mine was mentioned in the chat, and of cos, you muz have friends that don like this friend of yours that you get along with, you can only voice yr own opinion. And I mentioned that she's a nice person and helped me in my work too. What I did not do was to create fake impression that I don feel about her. 

I don't lie and I don't create rumors about people I know. 
I made wrong assumptions towards the 3 girls that I don know and it's my fault and I apologise. 
I also have my points to disagree with C's comment on ig, what I said wasn't intentional. 
I just want to put these aside and move on. 

Sometimes life doesn't go as planned, the road to success can be quite bumpy. 
Just when things start to go right, life tends to make things...... Well.... Interesting.
The ups and downs in life are inevitable,
you can feel like you are on top of the world one moment,
and feel like you've hit rock bottom next.
But after every storm, comes a rainbow.
As cliche as it sounds, its true (:
Whatever it is you are going through,
whether good or bad, just remember,
this too shall pass, the good times won't always last, but neither will the bad times.
So prepare for the bad when things are good, and remind yourself that when things are bad,
the good is just around the corner.

I'm prepared for the good now (: