sorry to pple like SHI MIN always say my blog has lotsa food pic.. wahhaha

13 may

work half day! went to sch with bel collect my graduation attire.. =)

then its off to canteen 1 to chiong for yong tau fu!
omg miss this like mad!! and its still the best!
and also bubble tea! mua chee, taco pachi, cheese tofu! hurhur.. we were full like mad =x

15 May
daddy's birthday! dinner! crab.... whahahaah

claypot crab!
black pepper crab!
my bro n sis~
chilli crab! n not forgetting man tou!
fat fat FAT!
im satisfied with e food.. lalala
so is my bro~
and my sis =)

mummy n daddy~ my dad damn tan..
jewel sitting on tt rocking thing at playground~
i try to squeeze my fat ass in but failed~ and sis took very long to take this pic man my butt cannot take it..
random day
power man this jaguar! the gear is turn like a wheel de..
then got another car i forgot wat brand.. e gear is button de press will do!

another day met aunt n we had dinner at hong kong cafe.. hurhur
this butter n condense milk toast!!! OOZING MILK!!
mine i ordered this cos of the luncheon meat =x
aunt's not-so-fantastic-looking mee~ but taste good..
this mango dessert OMG SHIOK!
then my weekend is spoilt by my job at Hyatt.. lol.. but i hav 2 days off in lieu.. which means i can use anytime i wan!
this malaysia condo launch~~
its called Suasana~~ its near KL so its considered a rich pple buy de condo.. but onl going at 580ringgit PSF.. lol so e price is like buying a HDB flat..

argh my fringe!! too long.. i trim it after work..
thats all la! lol.. gonna chit chat w juan now.. lalala~~

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