new life!

i created a new blog because:

- i want to blog on my brand new life =)
- i want archieves be archieves

but i will not delete the old one cos i blog for like 3 damn long years and i wanna read it sometimes.. hurhur..

thanks to michelle!

as you all may know, i started work on 5 may =) and i hav a lovely colleague name Norita.
im suppose to assist her and i learnt alot from her! shes really the most comedy lady i ever met.. hee..
and she LOVES MAKEUP! she wears evening gown to work damn cool.. hahas

some pics of my Jewel! =)

this pic of my work is not at my desk.. lol its at the receiption where i cut newspaper advertisement which agents had posted..

i cut 2 days of newspapers and my director told me "no need to cut la waste time! dun cut already" when i juz nice finish cutting everything~~

packed my messy room today and i thre away lotsa junk.. argh.. very dusty so i vacuum my room.. lol much much cleaner now..

anyway i love my life now:

- i have work to let me hav an unstable income (bcos every month i get thousand of dollars of incentive.. YES THOUSANDS) HURHUR
-i have friends like amanda, cheryl, huiyi, zijuan, stella, wendy, ruth and many nra frens, though we dun really get to meet each other, but i love catching up with u all =)
-and i have my darling that perfect my life.

what more should i ask?

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