new nails! chanel~~~

another photo =) i like it cos my hair sets a nice frame for my face, and the photo as well!
thanks waiming!

today at work!

seriously sometimes im scare when i think of the stuff tt i must learn.. argh..
not sure whether im up to it =x

i kept asking her how much is it she juz wont tell me... lol its very nice of her.. and i realise my chanel eyeshadow is from my sis, then blusher from norita.. lol
im so lucky~
i do not hav fetish for branded stuff cos i cant afford it YET.
so don't judge me first.. lol..

and norita is nice enough to buy hot chocolate for me! =)
i think im quite lucky =)
oh ya! did my nails last sat.. n yes i went out ALONE.. suppose to meet sis at night. so i went to cine n do shugar nails!
i made my order at around 4, i had to wait till 7pm! so i got nothing to do but shop shop!
i went to lime flea market, saw evelyn, vanessa and felicia there! bought 2 kimono dresses and a sleek bag~~ hee..
then i went to far east, omg its gss i didnt know so i check out the shops.
and people im wearing like an auntie to work everyday cos i didnt hav proper time to shop for office wear.. and i dun like it =(
i bought a clutch that i hav been eyeing on for VERY LONG~~~ $49.90
i bought some "stuff" from sheer romance~~ $58.20
also bought 2 pairs of my fav lashes from inuovi~~ $28
a DAMN NICE satin high waist skirt from zimple~~ $49.90
a blue button top from Osmose to match w e skirt~~ $24
nails cost $41.90
withdrew $180 for flea market and spend it on flea market and movie tickets w sis..
argh!! but im not broke yet!
cos ITS PAY DAY SOON!! weee...
ok i dun wan to count how much i spend =x

ok my nails pic =)

zijuan and stella i need to meet u all up and GOSSIP!!

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