post FANTAZIA party!

so after work i rush home n prepare.. cos im heading to st james! post Fantazia party!
ngee ann is kind enough to book the entire club for nra members!

b4 heading out^
my face damn big arghhh!!

just reached e club n i saw this!

look closely n it says "NRA" lol..
the food damn nice theres this salsa sausage.. lol
ok pictures!! pple grab from here.. lol if u wan full resolution let me know =)

nah WANGQIN! our picss =)
damn funny red pic! lol

i duno wats this.. lol..
i feel damn loved =)

yvonne yr hair cover e whole frame..lol
loving couple! wangqin i like yr earring very nice^

then something scary happened! lol i was like heading to vivo taxi stand then i see its very crowded so i head for mrt station cos i left at like 10.45 still got mrt..
then while i was at the escalator, someone tap my shoulder.
then this disgusting guy go like "i saw u walking from vivo i think you're very pretty"
i was like eh?
then he keeps on asking me random qn which i didnt really answer
i called my aunt and ask her for help. hahas
then i took train to boon keng n took cab home... lol..
i did lots of typing todae cos i was chatting with this stupid disgusting duno-who photog.. argh~
i dun wan to repeat.. i hav the whole convo saved. so if u wan to shoot me somewhere else or wat i shoot u back!
lol.. i think i deal w him maturely. one conclusion dude:
don't come begging at me say u have no money to afford a model, get tfcd model if u're broke la! photography isnt a cheap hobby.
and if u are so passionate abt photography, u're having holidays right?
u're older than me, and u're studying, then get a PART TIME JOB to pay models la!
my goodness~
stop whining how poor u r can.
and the way u talk is not professional at all. bloody ass..
lol im very very piss w this guy i wasted my time chatting with him.
very weird day.. lol..

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