im so bored!

more photos from boredom at work! lol

this pic was taken outdoors~ hahas look like indoor shoot right? hee

im so bored!

sometimes i like to keep myself occupied bcos i don't want to waste precious time
but sometimes i just LOVE slacking.. hahas!
tomorrow im going for fitting for a studio shoot.. try out the clothes.. lol
i feel that i have alot to type but im always stuck when i wanna type.
i cant wait for nail school to call me about the classes...
oh ya speaking of nails~
earlier this week after work, i walk through the WHOLE of toa payoh central's manicure shops
in search for acrylic powder, brushes, monomer
in case u don't know, monomer is a type of liquid that sets acrylic powder,
thats where u get those 3D designs on nails.
i went to several shops and they give me the weird look when i sae i wanna buy those stuff..
whats wrong with that? lol

finally i went to e place where i get my gel extensions done..

i bought 2 brushes ($10 each), its freaking small cos its for painting n stuff
and 2 bottles of acrylic powder ($12 each)
so here comes the monomer, the girl told me "oh have to order"
argh! how m i gonna practice?!
so i went home without monomer,

i practise painting.. i don't know is it me or is it the paint
cos i replace those nail art paint with postal colours.. hahas
its not easy to paint.. lol..
the brushes are too soft.. i gotta get use to it..
but im doing good! and im happy.. hee
so next time my nail classes is on tues and thurs..
i cant join C class for dance.. which i wan to..
cos B class my normal pals arent there.. hmmm

o well~~
im bored!
im going to practice painting again!

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