new aim =)

calling paul frank fans!!
now you can lay your hands on this BRAND NEW PAUL FRANK - Mirror Julius ~
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i think i mention that i did a shoot at old changi hospital~~ here are some of e shoot pics =)

im in an army theme! *i think im not army enough

then met some babes for dinner!

sunday June 8, treat my sis, aunt and my ex tuition teacher to buffet at sheraton towers!

sis got 50% discount.. hee e food is omg i'll let the pics do the talking!

that lil smashed up on the right hand corner of the plate is actually tiramisu~ lol its nice!

rum n raisin! yummy~~ all 4 of us shared like 5 scoops?
this is SINFUL.

Juno if you're reading this.. lol must EXERCISE!!


there are many things that i would like to learn and experience while i can.

i learned dance which i will continue till the day that i cant dance anymore..

i learned guitar, not for long but i am gratful for the experience =)

i learn many cooking skills (ok this is out of point)

i get to experience MODELLING, to be part of events, photoshoots is really the most happening part of my life so far. and i would like to continue too*

for now..

i have a new aim... but i will not say what at the moment until it is confirmed~

because the money involve is not cheap..

and i must really know what i want then i will do it.

like my aunt say, since my mind is set and i will just and archieve what i want and what i think is right =)

i was thinking im still young (ok turning 20 so not that young) its not wrong to pick up a skill.

even if it makes me damn broke or not able to buy fantastic clothings / shoes i think it is something worth spending on.

i mean even if im really broke... i know i can always tahan~~ hahas

so far i didnt regret on the things/ skills that i've chosen.

so i think i will get on with it....

till then!


kungfu panda on thurs! cant wait!

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