super loooongg post!

ok! i shall reveal my new aim!

I will be taking Diploma in Professional Nails Technology at The Pink Room.
Its a reputable nail academy in Singapore, when I finish my diploma, I can take a JNA (Japan Nail Association) exam, to be certified as a professional license manicurist.

The JNA exam will be a HOO-HAR ok cos the exam is taken in Japan (or i can choose to take it here, but of course Japan more zai right?) Then i can prove I can do it!

"what the hell did u waste money for?!"
"you have to scrub people's feet u know?"
"this is such a low class job!"

ok whatever. I paid $4000 for this course (i know its bloody expensive compared to other nail schools) because I always like nails, especially 3D nail art.
I join this school because I feel that I want to learn everthing step by step and with good and strong foundation, so this is a good place to learn.

Its not wrong to learn and pick up a new skill.
Yes I'm broke you can say,
aunt lend me $2k and I will be paying the rest by installments n stuff.
so means like I cant splurge for like 8 months! argh
cos im taking part time, so i must rush to the nail school after my work.
full time is whole day lessons which i cant make it =( and can finish diploma in like 4 months!

oh well.. slowly learn~~ hahas...


p.s if any babes wanna learn too let me know! we learn together =))


more photos from shoot~

aiya the above pic a lol small.. hahas~~


dinner with aunt, sis and ms tan (aka ex tuition teacher) had some turkish food.. lol

then off to lido and watch kungfu panda without ms tan~

ok this picture is hilarious, apparantly aunt's legs is "long enough to rest juz nice on the seat in front of hers!
compare MY LEGS and HERS.. see the difference?! wahahhaha..

yes! i post it up!

some photos of myself~ my fringe is too long..

some updates for last week~ (sorry for the the jumping of dates.. hahas its my blog anyway)

i was valene's make-up model for her trial exam.. i had 6 different looks! yes 6!
my breakfast!
this is the pretty wedding look!

i took this pic myself.. hahas~

this picture is from my colleague Sherrie, her friend tattoo-ed 2 of his cocker spaniel on his leg..

he took a photo of his dogs and hand it to the tattooist then tah-dah!

i think its damn nice! and i think he really LOVE HIS DOGS~

sherrie has a cocker too, so do i =)

last fri Jewel went for sterilization.. poor thing my sis n i were worried sick the whole day. we were damn scare Jewel wont feel good after e operation, wat if she cries all night, wat if its painful etc...

this is she look like with the elizabeth collar..
sis was so afraid to carry her cos shes scare she might hurt jewel's wound..
and we were so nervous that she might hurt herself or wat... or she might cry...














WHAT THE HELL! SHE IS PERFECTLY FINE. (oh look at her stomach, its bare.. wahhaha shaved for the operation)

but still need supervision la.. lol

i cant wait for nail class to start! heehee but must wait till July duno when.. lol


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Anonymous said...

hey i have a lot of acrylic powder to get go. no time to try. you wanna email me khaymar_cutey @ hotmail.com ;) many colours. plus ready 3d tube paint.

hahah i also crazy nail art fan.