before i start this mega post,
i just wanna mention a few things..
do not judge people too early.
i hate being malign to be pin point of things that I DID NOT DO OR COME OUT FROM MY MOUTH
u don't even know me.
pics taken at nbn~ last sun w sis

29 may!

joreen! she says we look like aunties w shopping bags

charlotte babe =)
shes damn pretty^
30 may at work i changed S$ to NT for my spree~

best babe ever^

1 June~
shoot at raffles place.. Jocelyn babe.. shes only 17 can~~ hahas..

met sis and went to nbn~~
then we had dinner pasta fresca! we sat beside singapore river =)

this seafood soup is best though im not touching the shell stuff and sotong.. lol e soup is good..

Jun 3
Valene came to my place n did 2 makeup looks for her assignment.. we had lotsa fun and we chatted alot..
gossips too! shhh.....
hahahs meeting her later in e evening!
babe arh don't let him ruin yr day ya? u know what i mean^
TAN ZI JUAN.. i know u're reading this.... lol.. next week fix one day meet up w stella can anot??

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stellala said...

lol i'm reading too ;)