long time no post~

good afternoon people

its been duno how many donkey days since i blogged..
i have left Global Real Estate and joined Knight Frank Estate Managment referred by stella =)

i mus thank her for getting me this job =)
im working at Ardmore Park now as Residents Relation Officer..
wa the first day i work frankly i feel like going back to global.. lol
too many admin things to do i got a shock.. lol
then i emo for 2 days and todae is my 4th day at work im beginning to feel better..

i hope i can faster learn all the admin work i hav to do so that when the current gal; Danielle leave i can cope the work myself
cos its REALLY ALOT ALOT to do.. lol
but i think it will be like a routine if i know what to do
its not that scary afterall*

and my nail lesson starts on 7 july! weee which is next mon
i hav to give another $800.. lol
i duno how m i gonna carry my class tools to my workplace n to my class after work..
cos ardmore park i take bus to far east and i muz cross e road and walk ALL THE WAY IN
quite long to Ardmore Park..

its a damn nice high class place.. lol its like "ang-moh" park.. alot alot of ang moh.. lol

now my work will be more packed, then i cannot go online or wat like what i did in global.. hahas

ok im going to rest awhile now then later hav to work..

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