my blog is rotting ~

i can see weeds growing in my blog.. lol
though its neglected but still got tags from my frens.. hahaha..

to juan: pai seh arh i really very busy man.. my nail lesson making me very busy arh.. got homework to do too.. lol i seldom date lo.. if date only at night for a few hours.. but i like it.. heehee.. and things are getting better :) i wan to talk to u n stella la! come out soon leh.. b4 or after yr bdae party? fix a date!

to minz: lol i still got more food pics haven load lo..

to FEL: hahas i shall see u on 30 aug.. but b4 that if can meet chit chat i don mind =p

take a look at http://www.istockphoto.com/file_search.php?action=file&lightboxID=4500837 for photos i did got istock!

got more but im not allowed to post them up yet..

i hav quite a few shoot request but im very packed.. tml theres a casting for advertorial.. but i doubt i can get in.. argh~
i should take a pic of my nail stuff lugguage i bring to my nail lesson.. lol.. damn gigantic.. biggest lugguage in class.. hahas kiasu!

ok gotta go back to work le.. bye!
update soon with TONS OF PICTURES!

stay tune!

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