this is going to be a super long post :)

receive more photos of my OCH shoot :)

sisters! so obvious la same hairstyle!

this is how my dog looks like when we say "jewel, jiejie going out hor, u good girl stay at home ok?"

ok! my birthday! thanks to ALL that wish me, if i didnt reply u im so sorry, will slap myself.. hurhur!

receive this from Danielle & Janice! love e perfume!

happy girl!
happy girl with hairband and fringe up!

sherrie's wedding!

ok..pictures below does not consist of any sabotage :)
i said WIDE OPEN!!
junying-diva blog presents:
Christabel in a DRESS!

of cos look at e lovely bride sherrie! i tell u shes damn gorgeous la!

her sister!
omg its bel WITHOUT SPECS!

look at the lovely couple :)

omg BEL! full view of her dress! jon FEAST YR EYES MAN!
ok no more :)
9 October
at wala wala~~

valene babe~ she seriously lacks sleep.. clever gal study at NUS ok! but she studys like more than 12hours a day for dunno how long for her paper.. this is something that people like me wont understand =/
i was sick on fri but today is an important day for me n xiangmei
i receive a call from xiangmei that she wanted to join Seventeen Magazine's "Its hip to be you" dressup competition!
so theres 1 stylist (xiangmei) and 1 model (me) and we mus dress up! duh...
pic of my outfit later..
at e end of e event, 8 pairs out of 100+ pairs of contestants will be chosen to be e finalist and top 8 get to do a sprea in Seventeen Magazine's december issue!

xiangmei rock chick man!
me! i love my outfit! take note of tt orange-yellow stockings, xiangmei search HIGH N LOW for that ok!
met many prettybabes and some editors~ and i got approach a few times and got some namecards =p
happy happy!
ok so the results?!
u think im so lucky meh.. lol but i enjoyed myself la... its held at clarke quay fashion bar :)

nails of the day!! i did it last min and paste it on my nail.. hahas..
bling bling!!

xiangmei's outfit!
look at that KILLER HEELS.. bought it from Aldo~
a kind soul took this pic for us~

this "ring" is actually a big bead with double sided tape stuck below then i cut a wire to stick it.. hahas~ its our friendship ring now!

my feet is ^$#$%^&*( shiokkkkkk........

whats that?
WEEEE!!!! top 8 top 8!
yes im lucky!

next week gonna do a shoot with Gap clothings, gonna shop and take photos at e same time!
i won myself Gap vouchers, fasio cosmetics, 2 bottles of Loreal hair straightener spray, 2 bottles of shiny wax etc..

and being top 8, i got a Gap Membership worth $300.. lol.. so i got 10% discount.. love it!
i like never win so many things in my life like that.. hahas~~

must thank xiangmei for asking me to be her model!

random pictures~

juan, stella u think i miss out this GORGEOUS Charles & Keith bag aka present from u all! hahas i carry this everywhere now!
very classy VERY ME!!
hahas nice nice leh.. thanks alot eh!
i wan to eat e steamboat again can? :)

hong kong cafe with xiangmei, bought my aldo heels tt day~
i am PALE, xiangmei is PRETTY~
my last model de french~ did i improve?
i think i did!

Presenting Ardmore Park's Penthouse! omg omg... damn nice!

this is e balcony part 1~~
part2~~ got stairway de~
and there is 2 of that balcony!

freaking HUGE living room!

bathroom omg~ each room has 1 bathroom!

saw some interesting words at workplace`

OK this is how my table looks like when im finishing up my nail homework =x

homework 1~ file 50 fake tips of Square, Square Round, Round, Oval, Pointed..
oval n pointed makes my life difficult~
nail art! i enjoy doing it.. heehee~

ok my life is going to be interesting~
im 20 now!

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zfek said...

nice condo.. but 我想人人都要懂得知足,不然会过得很不快乐。not everyone hav a luxury life..