what are my odds?

someone asked me yesterday what are my odds for Seventeen's Superstyling competition.
i actually replied that i dont get what she meant.. lol my ang moh really pooooor =x

she meant what are my chances for the competition.
i didnt really reply her question. hahas

i ask myself what are my odds for other things in life?
especially my nails career which i've been dreaming~

no answer.
i cant predict whats going to happen in time to come.
so i shouldnt be worrying whether things will work out, i should jus take one step at a time..
but im worried i cant make it! argh..
if really cannot make it, i think im going to very sad.. cos i hav to go back to my boring job and do that for e rest of my life? haizz...
well at least i tried! :)

heart not close enough..

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