Hihi! Quite a number of things to update and I hav photos rotting in my camera and my hp (especially!) from god-knows-when!

Things to blog about:

Gathering with Zijuan, Stella and Amanda..
Jonathan is back from Seattle
Some modeling stuff
etc . etc . etc

shit man… hahas! So many things to blog.. everytime I blog I sure got mega loads of photos.. lol..

ok so currently im going to be jobless soon cos I handed in my resignation on 23 December.. serve 1 month notice so slightly b4 CNY I will be jobless..
but but! I hav other plans la… lol.. *secret* hee..

then its danzation! Though im only in 3 items but im really really grateful to hav the chance to be part of danzation and NRA! Its bloody tiring! And I must take leave to attend rehearsals! Used up almost all of my energy everytime!
Its all worth it :)

It makes me feel like danzation 2006 again.. how xiangmei and I slack around.. sneak to vending machine n buy tidbits! Eat calbee potato chips.. then GOSSIP! Waaa… fun man… hahas..

Thank you YanJun, Shaun and Litong for coming to watch my performance… litong say still mus pay money to meet me.. lol ok la I treat u all ok!!

Thank you Felicia and Valene for coming! Both of them cant find any1 to accompany them to watch, normally people cannot find company they rather not watch right? But both of them jus tell me to give them each other’s number they will meetup n come.. very touching man~~ really thanks a lot! after performance xiangmei, felicia n i went to toa payoh eat kway chap.. we chit chat until 1am plus.. hahas! really fun! we meeting next week yay!

Thank you Zijuan and Stella, though you didn’t come but your sms moral support I appreciate it very much! Hee..

Lastly, thank you to Yvonne for Steam and Why Should I be Sad chero, really nice I love it! Though that time u damn fierce I really scared, but I know you wan us to do a good job, AND WE DID! Thanks to Orange! I took half an hour to learn your chero from Eileen and Choy then I jus chiongg le.. lol thank you for asking me to be in yr item!

oh ya and my partner david! lol.. sorry to make you dance with air a few times.. but our patnership was great! you keep making me laugh then i cannot emo in the dance lo! hahas.. i like the acting part everytime b4 dance u keep telling me "okok later i really hug u tight tight" then everytime i ma-chiam wait for u to come n hug me so that i can push u away... lol.. the lifting part we seldom practice (my bad^) but i think the lifts were great on both nights.. thanks david!

Thank you Ann! I very long never experience your teaching liao.. hahas I hope I can see you in the next production! Love you! Love all NRA members!! Jia you!!

Ok next is Christmas! I made something for my dearest.. I really tried my best… and I really rush like mad……..
But I freaking cannot finish it!!! Lol people, until now im 85% done.. lol im damn slow! Hahas from birthday present then drag to Christmas.. now Christmas over already still haven give.. hahas so I bought a stunning earring from Lee Hwa for him.. hahas.. eh eh got 0.01 carat ok! Better than nothing.. muahahaha… (i forgot to take pic of it alamak!)
Had dinner at Labrador Park Olive Ristorante and CafĂ©, nice nice Italian food…. Then we chill at this Moon Ladder Bar in labrador park too… its really a nice and quiet place… I love the open top concept..
But dear sae this bar wont last long de.. no business at all! So we muz go more if we hav e chance lo.. I love the place… lol I went there again ytd (26 dec) and chill with him and his friends.. very fun! Lol..

Im blogging at my workplace.. damn pro.. better post this up first b4 my manager come back.. wahahah~~
After work im going to Mission and do hair.. I promise James (my stylist) to get rid of my bangs cos he sae my bangs he cut until sian.. hahas..he wan me to change style… but now I abit bu she de.. oh no……………….

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