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my goodness~ im uploading more n more pictures in my mega post!

and these pictures EXCLUDE the ones i hav on facebook! sh*t

my blogpost is going to me SUPER RANDOM~ cos the pictures are from my phone and camera.. the dates clash! i cant move the pictures dunno y.. haahs.. so i juz random la..

this is amanda's birthday cake.. this was taken wayy back in november 08.. i know.. thats super long ago.. hahas

this is crystal! we were out for the seventeen magazine competition~

this is tracy :) another pretty contestant :)

everyone mus kiss the cake.. hurhur~

we didnt manage to finish the cake cos its toooo sweet.. then juan / amanda and i decorate the cake.. hahas!

juan happily choosingsongs to sing.. hahas

stella's manicure and pedicure.. not done by me.. haha

my acrylic nails i did for myself! =p super proud!

i met up with felicia and crystal to vivocity! we had hong kong cafe for dinner.. we ordered super lots of food!

inlay nail done by my teacher~ the flower is embedd inside the nail itself!

new year day! sis n i sat trishaw to clark quay mrt to meet dad.. lol both of us were semi-drunk.. i will elaborate when i have e time.. hahaha

crystal ,me and felicia!

sewing i dony for my bf! its sewn on a cushion! took me a blooooody long time.. many late nights can!

present from zjiuan, stella and jonathan!

mum's birthday :)

this is me n lynn :) pretty model!

last week chelsea, her sis and tiffany came to my nail sch .. i did acrylic nails for tiffany's coming D&D..
chelsea and her sis are my teacher's competition model.. hee..
chelsea's gel nail~

this is chelsea's sis (cheryl) nails.. my teacher did acrylic french sulpture.. super nice! i cant mould out such beautiful smile lines lo~~

this is my acrylic nails sometime back.. i like glitter now.. haha

tips overlay for tiffany.. this is when e tips are stick to the nail..


i draw the rose and add a few bling on her nail~~

this is my exam model, Jade's hand.. heehee.. im suppose to do french for my exam and 2 nail art..
i went for advance air brush lesson.. below are some examples of air brush~~

very dreamy effect~

ok i had 2 of the apple shooter.. and i "died" just TWO..

ikea meatball!

this is me during dance rehearsals.. while waiting for rehearsal to start.. i did e sewing!

more airbrush~~

ok i layered my bangs...

so this is my current hairstyle.... im still getting use to it~
as u all know i work in Ardmore Park, its a high end condo... and the basement carpark is like a fashion runway for cars.. recently a resident bought a new car.. and i took a pic of it.. hee

its a ferrari!

mix media art by my

christmas tree in my clubhouse!


we had dinner at waraku with sherrie and christabel.. chat like nobody business.. hahas
and we gave him the lame-est present!
we bought a box and we put simple necessity in e box for him..
i bought nail clipper, cuttlefish, lollipops, plaster and somemroe.. i forgot what else i buy
christabel bought him a polo tee, sherrie bought him water bottle with sweets inside.. lol..

above is mix media art which got champion in Korea.. super nice!

Nails i done for zijuan and stella :)


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