after i did my hair on sunday.. i went home and waited for mikkel to finish his photoshoot at punggol.. i met him at plaza sing and we had pizza hut for dinner (:

i find this cute.. lol if u can see the crust has his teeth marks.. lol

oh ya and he asked me how to call for the bill in chinese.. then he raised up his hand and told the waitress "mai dang!" lol..
after pizza hut i met jason at the mrt station.. hes nice cos he bought me chocolates from Royce (: and its still packed inside this ice pack to keep the chocolate cold.. thanks jason (: sorry to trouble u to come and find me to pass me the chocolates~~
mikkel n i decided to catch a movie.. so we caught Coming Soon... argh freaky show! not very scary although i wasnt really watching e movie.. lol..

we went to clark quay and hav a drink.. i had Shirley Temple.. wah sounds like alcohol right? its not =x
i cant hang out late thus i went home at 1am.. lol..
why cant i hang out late??!!!

bcos my mum (above pic) will tell me "cos i want u to come to my shop and help me"
and of cos shes worried abt me.. i know~~
good night people!

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