my day out~

i went to west coast plaza for Groove to the West dance competition! winner gets $4000 cash!lol.. nra had 10 participating teams.. total of 40 teams competing..
only 20 teams will make it to semi finals!

qianhui babe n i "chop" places for good view~

qianhui, me, melise aka videographer of the day!
amanda called and we chatted for 1 hour plus.. lol.. thank goodness im single now.. and theres no someone to bother me..
i mean please la break up already can jus be friends.. no need to try to get involve in people's life can? super duper IRRITATING TO THE MAX.
heng my 2 other ex bf not like that.. if not i faint.. hahas~
we "bitch" abt many stuff too...
and somehow i laugh at myself for being so stupid for the past month =x
i was suppose to meet my photographer today but he change the meeting to tomorrow! im gonna get my photos for my online shop! very excited!

thus i met up with 4e1 peeps! we went to mount sophia Old School~

i was wearing grey contactss... lol

wei guang!

wai hon! and his "reflective" scalp~~

went to coffee club ~

ah tong! he very nice fold napkin roses for me :)

ah pek......

jac jac!

without specs

with specs~

ming shen!

seriously see how FAT am i?

ming shen n wei guang walk me to bus stop and took bus with me... very nice of them (:

I'm coming up with April promotion for Thistlebelle Nail Boutique... i'll update soon!

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