ah gong's birthday + meetups~

did nails for pretty sharon ytd :)

initial transformation :)

me working hard :)

nice nice?

simple & sweet~
today went to merchant court for my ah gong's 80th birthday dinner!

my aunt!

love my sis :)
birthday cake was a 2kg strawberry shortcake which cost $90~
after dinner met up with amanda and zach :)
chilled and b*tch at clark quay area.. hahas..
too many things to talk about, too little time :(
meeting her after her exams! lol~
and poor zach looks bored.. oops~ sincere apologies for that!
amanda ah~ alot things we talk about i cant blog it.. haha how how? =p
our topic was like hair la haha, but mostly guys~
oh ya the font that im using in the above pic has a name; Boyz are Gross
im not turning les la~ jus that we're saying in general :)
guys that are jerks, bastards, "clingy", irritating, nothing better to do, should mind their own business etc~

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