busy weekend :)

received a few more photos from Mikkel's shoot :)

love this photo as my hair covers my huge big jaw ~
i caught 17 again with kim loong thurs~ not a bad movie..
i met up with kim loong to get Kok Yong's pressie! then felicia babe called say shes bored.. hahas.. we went to marina square~~

ate pizza hut after we bought e present :)

we went to arcade.. i basically dragged them there.. lol whats wrong? im trying to act young.. lol..
im like e champs of this bishi bashi~ hahas..
it started when i was in sec sch i like to play that with joanna. haha~
then everytime i go arcade i sure play this game..
i exchange $9 of tokens.. felicia used $7!
lol felicia u need to improve la!

then i treat felicia to moviess! we watched too fast too furious~ nice movie!
jus when we were buying popcorn, felicia burp out the most hilarious thing
joke of the day:
junying: eh GV got new combo popcorn + nachos and drink $10 only.. i buy tt one la~
felicia: hmm ok ok~
*pays for the combo*
junying: ok la so i eat popcorn u eat nachos
felicia: ya so u eat popcorn i eat PUNGGOL
junying *started laughing*: PUNGGOL?
then we jus started laughing non stop.. hahas!

saturday went to sentosa for photoshoot too.. some bad stuff happen.. siann... but its settled..
then went to kok yong's surprise party..
his gf message me on facebook telling me e plan etc.. thumbs up for her man~ lol..
kok yong's face was stunned when he saw us! hahas~

then went to aloha find berenice! lol~

this babe saw me and ask 'u were at felicia's party right' hahas such a small world!
felicia! your friend eh! hahas~
today did nails for customer Andrea.. a pretty babe!

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