things are starting to get better :)

i organise my group shoot yesterday :) with sweet lynn, pretty sharon and sexy tracy!
im like very short standing beside them! im wearing flatss.... hahas!
it was a fun morning :)

thursday i did nails for peggy babe! she advertise my nail salon for me :)
this is her blog http://thy-dowager.blogspot.com/ ~
i LOVE the advertorial she did for me!
thanks alot babe!

i look like obasan here.. lol.. simply tie my hair up doing nails for her!
and omg my eye bags......................

this is her tai tai nails! hee..

hope she likes it as much as i do! :)
fri i met up with yee kit regarding some modeling stuff... then met my sis at far easy~ she went to perm her hair.. lol

do we look alike? lol~~ i need to cut my fringe soon...

i went home at 4am lo! then set alarm at 7am to go for the photoshoot.. lol~
photographers shooting lynn while im waiting~~

cute kittens! that blury thing is my nail =x

boreddd........ hahs~

tracy babe posing! its her first shoot :)

lynn and i :) i look like im crying or something~ hahas

during breaktime! hahas sharon and tracy modeling for pokka ~

see photographers shoot until lie down on the floor!

i went home n took a nap then went to changi for FELICIA'S 21st birthday!

happy birthday gal! i had a few crazzy outings with u for e past month....
though u're quite drunk last night
i still love u
happy birthday!! :)

muack muack!
and i still REFUSE to be 21 in like 5 months =(
as i was at changi chalet~ thanks to kim loong for the ride home :)

last month i was basically a full time slacker~
i have to work double-ly hard this month
and triple-ly hard next month!
i hope my life can improve
as in more money, more luck.

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