i upload over 100 pictures~


ok i jus came back from dinner with my family.. zijuan says my post isnt wordy enough.. i though so too.. lol..
i've grown into the stage of life where people around me whom r attached, getting married soon..
and i feel really happy after they broke the news to me!
im super excited too i dont know why.. hahahas! cos i finally get to be a "sister"! yes yes yes!

i've been hanging out with dear felicia lately.. and when i told her my besties getting married etc.. we looked at each other and asked "THEN WHY THE HELL ARE WE STILL SINGLE" muahaha..
i've been attach since i was 17 until recently i turn single, but frankly speaking.. i kinda feel lonely sometimes cos u dont hav any emotional support. i know friends are always there for you, but some point of time, u jus feel theres no "someone" you can look for to confide your feelings for.
feels kinda weird.
well whatever for now.
i jus wanna stay single for the time being (:

and the pics below shows that i've been clubbing w felicia..
i went to zirca for the first time on 7 may 09. and got to know Melvin there, he treat us lychee martini, obviously i dont drink thus felicia drank most of it for me (:
felicia and i mistook him as one of the bouncer there but hes actually the manager
then 13 may we had a birthday celebration at Rebel with Melvin.
thus made 2 new friends

oh ya people look at zijuan's blog! this girl posted my poly photo up! i was super tan and my face is nude without any makeup..
f.y.i. i only know how to apply makeup with i was 19 can~


i almost didnt blog for 1 month~ and i dont know where to start..

my photos are mix up into different dates! dont care la..

stella's 21st!

me writing the guest book!

birthday girl~~

stella and her prince~bikini fiesta~

b4 going out my jewel so sad~~

super alot of animals photos.. lol..

after that went to thai express and have dinner (:

totally in love with that tom yum.. lol.. its my first time there actually.. lol..

random day i went to myth and find felicia and accompany her at her workplace..

also another random night at clark quay.. my first time to zirca (:

ah tong's birthday! met juan and stella to buy ah tong's present..

juan juan (:

mr kelvin trying on shirt stella chose (:

met the rest to have dinner at grand copthorne~

pretty joanna~~

yanjun and his gal! (:

look at jewel! hahaha....

another RANDOM day sis n i went to sentosa for fish spa (:

super itchy can! hahahaha....

then sis did foot massage while i chose shoulder massage..

this is another kind of fish its DOUBLE the size of the ones that u see above.. lol..

had dinner with melvin and felicia at TCC.. didnt know y i didnt take a photo of melvin.. hahas~

my new gadget i invented to put up this furry charm on nails!

ok i DONT DRINK.. im holding a lychee martini.. melvin's treat.. felicia drank 90% of it for me.. hahas..

okies mixtures of many clubbing photos!

i've been clubbing which is very bad~ time to take a break ~

saw winnie and amanda babe!

this was taken on melvin's birthday!

ar har! melvin! happy birthday!

this girl here make my day! lol and felicia control your drinking!

felicia! r u lying on my boobs! hahas

did nails for vernette then went to clarke quay for awhile..

me and my aunty hair (: vernette and sharon~

i met up with crystal awhile ago at her workplace..

and GUESS WHO I SAW AT THE BOUTIQUE she working at?

that bastard's mum and sis can!

im going out for dinner with my family now~

lots of pictures in this post..

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