im sick =(

saw samantha babe at a bikini shoot few weeks ago~ lol..

in johan's car~ he brought me to this beautiful place at chatsworth ave to attend a house party..
its really A GROEGOUS HOUSE!
looks more like a boutique to me i swear!

this is the toilet in the living room.. look like hotel right!

this is part of the huge living room.. i dont dare to take anymore pictures.. lol..
there is this guest room which is decorated by Fendi.
im not a big fan of branded stuff but gish you should have seen that room..
and this home theatre systems~
envy their 2 daughters man~ haahs

then we had dinner at grand hyatt..

i had tom yum~

he had this steak.. so small.. lol

b4 i met johan, felicia say lunar got this taiwanese band call Shen Mu Yu Tong~
then johan reserve a table at lunar..
then later in e night after e dinner... felicia cannot make it!
pai seh so i head over to lunar awhile lo~~
that place got dancers eh..
july felicia n i gonna learn **** dance... heee i'll let u all know when its confirm.. hurhur~

next day i met up with rachael to practice acrylic and gel nails as shes my exam model for sunday's exam~~

this gal took crazily lots of photos of me working on her nails.. lol..

pretty little girl~

juan and berenice came over to my place and do nails!

zijuan's gel overlay nails! nice?!

berenice nails! she sae she wan a breakthrough~ hahs!
cos shes been choosing pink pink PINK all e while..
so juan i psycho her to do leopard prints!
its been awhile since i did that.. lol..
her nails bloody long can~

i met up with Johan and Michael at Grand Hyatt (again) for dinner as Michael is flying back to Indonesia e next day..

my pretty dessert! got macaroon ok mai siao siao~

this sorbet has alcohol.. i didnt know until i was tasting the bottom part why taste so bitter.. lol..
such a waste.. lol i didnt finish it~ =x

last sat i went to nail school whole day for self practice, then Johan came n pick me up.. we had dinner at Amoy Street.. and dessert at this cool shophouse..

then hes nice enough to send me to St James, he went to look for his fren at Sentosa Cove and i called June to meet her.. attending peggy and her 20th birthday celebration!

see her pretty eyes^^

peggy dear! my only blur picture of u! u better blog fast!

me and dawn dear~~ my 2nd time meeting her and we hav lots to chat abt! lol

me, dawn and jiaxi~
ps. can u see peggy? lol.. everyone was ranting at this picture! peggy dear, u know i love u (:

me and nikki babe! shes so fair lo.. she a pet groomer!
ok so after all these parties and birthday~ i woke up on sunday a sick patient..
sore throat + flu isnt the best combination.. with that ultimate nose block on both sides makes me wanna skip my exam~
but i didnt (:
i screw up one gel nail.. i hope i wont fail~
i totally cannot tahan after e exam, Johan came and fetch me to Holland V to see doc..
(sorry rachael i left first...)
ate medicine straight cos i have appointment later in e evening.. i totally feel like sleeping and i was too high.. lol i kept talking to the customer non-stop..
thanks Johan my jiu ming en ren~ lol..
im gonna prepare for my appointment later! still feel sick tho..

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