mount faber and PEGGY'S NAILS!

had dinner with Johan at Mount Faber b4 he flew to china/hk the next morning~
its been quite sometime since i've been there..
and the weird thing is,
the last time i've been to dempsey was with that bastard
the last time i went to mount faber was with that bastard too

for now im just thankful for the people around me
at least they are sincere and truthful (:

In ordinary life we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.
-- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

super dark ~

not my wine~ i dont drink.. lol..

overpriced strawberry shortcake =/
finally peggy babe posted photos of her pretty nails!! look look!

when its plain (:
i love the shape, i love the glitters, i LOVE HER NAILS.

i know i know.. too bling and complicated?
i think its pretty (:

love her thumb!
i use acrylic to stack the crystals.. its stronger than the glue that im using~

i totally LOVE her camera~~
its the Lumix L3..
some photos from her birthday party!! just one day b4 i was officially SICK~
winnie and wendy (:

peggy babe and wendy!
its 330am im going to bed!
good night world~~

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