unhealthy lifestyle

zijuan sis nails (: its glitter gel extension~~
enjoyed doing her nails! we also chit chat alot of stuff.. hee

went to parkview plaza to find yvonne awhile.. i look like i jus woke up.. hhaha..
wheres my eyebrow?
fri went to watch fhm finals w felicia, peggy, june and their friends.. by the time we reach they're announcing the winners =x

felicia came over and we took 2 hours to doll up!

and she is wearing my favourite top!
felicia pls hand wash them!

my fringe is super long.. getting them trim on tues!

my parents are buddhist (:

felicia's "wu ying" middle finger~

main focus of this picture isnt me nor my pretty black dress =p
is that ms ong at the back, wearing HAVANAS to club.. and pointing her feet~

we saw sharon babe there! shes super sexy tt day can... love her top!

this is mr melvin oh *** ****.. i cant say his chinese name out =x

another acrylic glitter extension (:

met up with 4e1 peeps at cityhall and we had hong kong cafe for dinner~

wei guang's pasta, he is super fascinated by the design of that plate..

my pork chop bake rice~

headed over to zirca (request by melvin oh) with them awhile~~

seriousl felicia.. u're all over my facebook and blog.. i think i should create a photo album JUST FOR YOU (:
but whatever it is.. love u!!

got scolded by mum for e late nights again.. i know my limits and i know what im doing..

jus bath my jewel baobei~ my turn to wash up (:

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