moments of my life

pic from a shoot last week.

work at Comm Asia with Amelia!
this is Ga-hee from korea~ they flew here jus for the event..

amelia babe!

during photoshoot~ hahas the arrangements of my photos are super random~
some unglam pictures of dance training!

Finally! pictures of BonitoChico birthday bash!
early in the morning we gathered at Raffles Town Club~~

kristine babe doing her hair!

my first outfit's hair.. i know i know i look like cheena~
i am not pls~~

pretty Clovie! she stays super near me!

i really enjoyed myself!
all thanks to Vel, Viola and Rachel!

had a photoshoot with Charlotte last week... (:
im not tall la im wearing my killer heels! heehee

we went to eat wanton mee after e shoot! hee..
but only stayed awhile cos i hav appt after tt! hahas!

some of the nails i did:

this is berenice nails AGAIN! hahas

taken one night b4 the dance competition!

the rose i drew on my gold tube for the competition! hee.. nice nice?

ytd went to meet joreen babe! never meet her for dont know how many months!
we catch up a little only cos she meeting her parents while i hav to go PS meet dance mates..

our team name is Label O.. cos we cant think of other names... so while one of us were registering for the comp.. so Label O.. hahas

we had long john.. lol jess is eating the gigantic nugget..

jenyin eating the nugget.. lol its seow ting's nugget we all had a bite.. hahas

catrina babe! she came to support us! hee..

mr summer~ came over to support us after dance practice!


all the couples! hahas... *jealous*
berenice, felicia and pei shan came too! super touched!
dance like mad after the comp.. clubbing with dance mates super shag..
we all dance until we were sweating like mad.. hahas but it was fun!
berenice tried to force alcohol down my throat but she failed..
but she was super high when Polka Face was played..
well i must say im very very happy to be part of Label O..
we did our best!
more competition to come!

i camwhore while waiting for felicia~~ we went to clarke quay awhile..

my outfit.. lol im gonna wear boots when i go clubbing next week =x

nails done today!

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