my legs are aching~

i've been dancing n dancing!
feels so good cos i'll always feel healthy and fit whenever i spend hours dancing and sweating my fats away~
double O competition is jus next fri!

in johan's car~ he came n pick me up then we had supper..

e day i went for BonitoChico's 3rd birthday bash runway show casting (:
yay i got in! (:
and i went for fitting, met other gals who got chosen too!

my jewel! cute right! heehee.. my baobei ah...

some nails i did~

matching combination~

birthday nails for customer (:
more updates:
work at Expo for Samsung with Amelia
BonitoChico's runway show! (mega loads of photos)

more dance practices
i hope i can meetup with joreen babe on thurs!
and also meeting up with zijuan and stella!
tomorrow i got photoshoot at 8.30am~
then nail appt till abt 5pm.. long long day~~

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