photos from a shoot couple of weeks ago..

photo from BonitoChico (:
it was the grand finale where the owners (Rach, Vel, Viola) parade the stage (:
i slept at 6am on Saturday morning
woke up at 7am for a photoshoot at Chinese Garden
then chiong-ed home for mani pedi for my customer's bro's gf (:
after that i met Zijuan, Stella and Kelvin at Far East..
shopped for quite a few stuff.. and i nearly bought this very very nice dress for Juan's ROM..
cos i wanted to try other sizes.. the stock will only arrive next week..
its $135.. i dont know whether i should buy it~~

after this picture.. i literally slept at the cafe while e rest are talking.. i was really tired~

we arrived at Terence's 21st birthday at Mariott Hotel..

soon after the rest arrived!

we went crazy taking photos, we're the only table that were laughing our ass off talking abt poly life and madly taking photos~

i give my kisses and hugs to my gfs now!

happy birthday Terence!!

poor roy was arrowed the whole night cos he grown "bigger"

xuesha came to my place to do her nails last week~ its really nice!

amelia babe waited for me to finish the nails~

friday met up with Jonathan, Christabel and Sherrie!
omg its the GRE gang once again! hahahahas!
we had dinner at Jack's Place, Jon ordered this Fire Steak where the steak goes on fire for like 3 seconds..

anyone wanna get gym trainer? can contact me if u want Jonathan to be your trainer!
he is good!

Sherrie! shes 8 months pregnant~
we chatted till 10plus.. jon was spilling his Seattle stories to us~ he will be back for a few months b4 he flies back for god knows how long again~

toilet at Cathay.. lol i seriousl dont know why i took this pic.. lol
we decided to catch a movie~ jon n i insisted its really ok to watch transformers 2 again but we caught Ice Age 3 instead.. ahahas! it was really a funny movie!

took this while jon is having stomach ache =x

this is mac at PS.. yes we walk to PS to Cathay and back again =x
Jon suggested me to walk 5m in front of him n bel.. they calculated how many guys took a second look at me.. madness~

8am in the morning on my way to shoot~

i trimmed my fringe~ hehe

japanese uniform theme!
shoot was with Sharon, Reeie & Reeae super cute twins!
serene was the pretty assistant!

sharon's uniform was super sexy!

with twins and serene!

had a shoot this morning too~ super tired~~

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