im on fire

totally love this photo but left side of my hair is a lil messed up =x

some shoot picss~

on my way to casting~~

some nails i did earlier this week!!

this is sharon babe's nails! love e flowers can!

after im done with sharon... i chionged to bugis Chong Qing steamboat to meet my dance mates!!

seowting loving my nails (:

seowting and mingli!
mingli is an air stewardess now~~ envy her can fly to so many countries! but its not easy being air stewardess!

group shot at swensens! we had dessert there!

my nails!!! i know la super kua zhang!
but i love it to maxxx! i cant stop staring at them!

we're also having mini birthday celebration for seowting and shirley!

we ordered earthquake (:

self timer shot~
i look like a pregnant woman! =x

like my post title~

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