im so tempted to do my nails again

my stupid eczema problem is back! with little red patches around my knee area!! ARGH!
i really hope it doesnt spread like the previous big red patch i had on my thigh!
took me months to recover!

my cute little Jewel climb up the piano and got stuck and cant come down.. lol..

i did rachael's nails today! here she is holding my beautiful name card (:

and my ultra cool namecard holder is a gift from Zach~~ he went to a few outlets to get this perfect defect-free holder for me.
very touched! hahas... thanks thanks (:

i went to meet Michael today, he came to Singapore for half day only b4 he fly back to Jakarta at night.. hes jus here for a few meetings.
i met him at Millenia Walk and had quick lunch at TCC for one hour!
he pass me a bracelet he bought for me a month ago when i receive his phone call saying he bought a little something for me (:

its a pretty Versace bracelet!
im not really into branded stuff, i even made Michael spell the brand name for me and i google-ed it!
lol.. anyway i love the bracelet alot alot!
i finally have a pretty bracelet to wear!
he told me when he saw this bracelet, he asked the staff to take out and show him,
then these 2 ladies wanted to see e bracelet too.
so only having 1 piece at the store,
Michael immediately buys it.. lol..
Thanks alot Michael!
there goes the short meeting with him.. we chatted awhile then he left~
hes coming back to Singapore in September to celebrate my birthday (:

but i have no one to go out with on my actual birthday! =x
taken b4 my bikini shoot (:

random day at Ikea with Zach,
main purpose for me : Meatballs
main purpose for Zach: Waste time and Curry Noodle
look at that lovely hair band (:

good night world!
doing Zijuan's ROM nails at 9am!

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