many things to do~

although im working as a freelance now..
my working hours are irregular, the time can be as early as 9am (like most of my frens) and till as late is 2am ~

my earnings last month can say is the highest i had since i started freelancing (:
it serves as a motivation for me to work harder..
i must really save up and not spend what i earn~

cute right! lol nails i did for rachael!

monday went to meet felicia, melvin and their friends to chill..
and i went prawning for the first time!
ultra boring.. maybe bcos i didnt catch anything! but poor prawns though..

suppose to go home after that but felicia n i decided to head to 7-eleven store
and we started buying junk food..
really junk food~

its been a long long time since i slack with my friends doing bo liao stuff.. hahas!
had fun till near 4am and i cab home!

my nail business is sort of stable now
im quite into doing events~ castings n castings (:
and i wanna continue dancing!
i have lovely friends who are always there for me!
why do i still feel empty?

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