dont know what title to put =x

photos from shoots :


kinda miss Mikkel!

attended Joanna's 21st birthday at Aranda chalet last week!
my sec sch mates took many many unglam photos of me..
i jus post a few up e rest r on facebook.. got hundreds of them!

bloody hell shaun seah after so long, still bully me!


picture with the birthday girl!! time fliess eh!

im not on e phone la.. its e balloon im afraid of =x

shuqin, chelsea and yuling was there too!!
happy birthday joanna! i hope u like the present Zijuan, Stella and I got u!
and the ang bao from 4e1! (:
how time flies and u're 21 already! hee..
i hope u have a fruitful birthday celebration with your loved one and friends! (:
stay cheerful and pretty!!

i met up with joreen last thurs b4 she flew off to bangkok for her shopping trip!! (:

we really gossip lots of stuff! lol
then we realise how fortunate we are being SINGLE.. hahas!

oops =x
joreen! u mus take photo of yr pretty electric blue heels eh!

joreen went home to prepare to meet her fren while i head off to philip morris for fitting for the F1 job (:

my loot!

the heels are covered with velvet~
i am $255 poorer :(

went ktv session with 4e1 peeps! again photos are at facebook (:
i dont know why few weeks ago i was still ranting how lonely i was and maybe how i wanted a bf so much.
but now i feel happy being single! hahas..
cos i can do what i want, i no need to report to anyone about my whereabouts.
im enjoying company by my friends and my sis told me i muz enjoy at this age, to be woo-ed by guys.. ahahahs!
so guys, dont try yr luck too much ok?

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