My Bestie's ROM + Luxy Girls

Zijuan came to my place on friday morning with breakfast to do her nails (:

her sister came to do her nails on Sat morning.. hee..
after her sis appointment i took a nap as i was really tired~~
i woke up and prepare to attend Zijuan's ROM!

its held at Peony Jade restaurant at Clarke Quay~

In token and in pledge of our constant faith and abiding love, with this ring I marry you.
I cried during this part after they exchange rings.
Its this suddenly burst of emotions in me... I can't help but I was really really touched (:

mei nu-s!!!!

eh! i realise im the only single babe in this photo la!

with the pretty babe!!

ginnie and i (: shes working at T3 eh....

lovely cupcakes for everyone ~~

beautiful stella!

i cant believe i reach the age attending my frend's ROM, soon it'll be wedding!
then i can get to be jie mei!! yes yes!!
i really happy for zijuan finding her other half, to be able to take care of each other, love each other for the rest of their lives.
you only lived once. some people say its long, some say life is short.
Life is too long for me to go through it alone.
but if i actually have that other half,
life is too short for me to cherish him (:
met Zach to go social house cos i wanna see Luxy Girls!
they are a group of sexy girls from Taiwan famous for performing dance in clubs~~
i die die also must go and watch!

thanks to amanda for getting me in!! was together with Cheryl, Meiqi, their bf-s..
then huiyi and winnie came!
but i went to join Zach's friends with dice session e whole night~~
luxy girls super sexy man! they really know how to get the crowd to cheer and get into the groove (: very nice!

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