where will fate take me?

phuture loves with amelia!

amelia and amanda babe! (: i had quite a night cos i saw a few friends there!

mr zach^ thanks for coming all e way down jus to let me see how good u look in that blazer, and apologies for what had happen!

amelia really can dance eh! heehee love clubbing with her!
and its been ages since i really club!

just dance^
i was very tall that night.. lol

some guy gave amelia and i bailey shots which i dont drink..
and amelia's guy friend spilled it on my dress and my ALDO HEELS by trying to balance e shot on his forehead! i think he is drunk..
arghhh i was on fire man... scrubbed the heels like mad after i reach home, but there are still stains...
asshole! thank goodness its black, if not i will ask him to pay me my money!
he is nice enough to try to "revive" my shoe by sending it to drycleaning next week (:

lovely nails (:
never fail to brighten up my day^^
my sore eye is better now! though my throat still hurts~
thanks to all that wished me to get well soon!
i will! (:
this guy asked me to be his gf last night over the phone
i told him only if my mum agree then i'll be with him..
ya la u should be thinking why m i being such a drag queen and whats with the "mummy issue"?
i missed the feeling of being loved
but at the same time
im enjoying my single life~
sad to say this but my mum was right about my ex bfs..
i always end up talking back to her whilist defending my bf
but never i knew i was hurting her as well
she told me that he is not a good guy
but i said otherwise~
ahh well,
till he comes to singapore then say.
Ya he is not local..
dont bug me with questions~
i only tell to whoever i wanna tell ok?

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