another photo-less post!
busy with nails and friends (:

anyway i jus changed my LG Viewty to LG Crystal!
the ultra chio phone with transparent keypad!
but its not "nail friendly" though~ its gonna be difficult for me to type if im going to have nail extensions~

i jus finish my appointment with a set of yummy nails! lol
rachel and i had so much fun thinking "where should we put this cupcake, then this chocolate?
omg ice cream no place to put!"
lol i took a pic~ its really nice!

it tempts me to do extensions on my nails again~ muahahahaaa.....

sent Hiroshi off ytd at airport with Toshi, Hiromi, Masa, Marina~
though i only knew Hiroshi awhile but i cant bear to see my friend leave for another country to study~~ =(

and i hate those friendship problems~
again another incident which i dont understand y people are piss at me?
i cracked my brain but i jus cannot think of the reason,
please enlighten me!

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