i lost my bag

The Cannery is looking for pretty door host!!
pay abt $2000 monthly~~
full time
pls send pictures, profile to junying_88@hotmail.com if interested! (:

went to Soho + Rebel last saturday~
and i lost my whole bag.
2 assholes walk pass my table and grab my bag
wanzhuo's wallet with PRECIOUS STUFF is inside my bag too..
i feel ultra bad =(

its not abt e money but all the replacements i have to do.
IC, ATM cards, debit cards, membership cards~~

i had $300++ in my wallet
spent $200 open Martell left $100 plus..
so thank god i spent some money right? lol~~

next morning got machineg gun-ned by my mum..
have to change lock, report police IC missing etc..

its ok~

sent Hiroshi off last week~ i always cant bear to see a fren leave for another country..
i hope he take care of himself well in Japan!

after i did french gel for my sis she ask me take photo of her and Jewel (:

sally surprise serene by bringing her to my place and do birthday nails!
such a thoughtful sister (:
last saturday camwhore while waiting for wanzhuo to get ready~~ really thank goodness that i was holding on to my new phone when my bag was stolen..

i drank quite alot eh~ lol
zach and his fren! his fren is heading back to london n study so that night was their last party..
and i took this pic after i lost my bag..
i can still smile =x

ok last picture of my precious bag!
i went to SOHO first to meet jocelyn babe! shes a VIBE girl! (:
VIBE girls can club and get paid!
how cool is that!!
i miss my bag~~

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