im ultra busy^^

i've stop accepting appointments till after 5 october cos im fully booked!!

some of e nails i've done (:

this is inlay (:

see this ribbon!

this cute dog belongs to a customer of mine (: e cigarette and the bottle is not photoshopped! lol~ so cute^^^

bridal nails!

new purchases!

overdue photos~~

me and my cousin (:

wanzhuo babe n i^^

photos taken by my LG crystal! hee..
i went for F1 training earlier this week.. i will be station at zouk on 25 & 26 september, 9pm to 3am!
i'll be at e enterainment zone! u can come down n play this stimulator racing game!
i'll be working with Sarah and Kaykay~
first time meeting them at the training place.. they're really nice people and we can really chat! hee..
there are 2 korean professional models there.. and one of them was more than 1.8m in height!
i feel so petite standing beside her!
im really busy with work and i finally got this little spare time to blog b4 my next customer comes! =(
i miss my friends!
a few of them called me up but just cant find e time to meet!
and i'll be joining nail competition right after F1 on 27 september at expo!
wish my luck!
dear ginnie will be my hand model! she has such beautiful nails (:
M will be flying over this weekend to celebrate my birthday! hee..

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