My 21st birthday~

seriously.. which birthday girl blogs about her birthday celebration after nearly 1 month and everyone-else-has-facebook-tag-your-birthday-celebration-photos?

anyway i jus post also for e sake of reading my archives once in a while (:

my birthday was held at this Pasir Ris Lodge~~ which is really huge and many of my friends LOVE it!

my birthday outfit.. was a colour block dress from Bonitochico! hee
to add on e cute-ness i added this bow pin on my head..
i jus cant grow up!

thanks zach for being my logistics manager~ poor him have to help serve drinks to my friends, clean up e place..

my pretty birthday cake! i self design it!

always, NRA babes never fail to make me smile ALL E TIME~

SEE!! busy boyss^

pretty babes!
my dearest mummy!!
she paid for e $1k buffet! =x

soooo thank you felicia for dropping by! she has like 3 parties to attend on e same night!

my lovely gugu (:

4e1 peeps!

this is damn funny! i posted this photo on facebook and jessica made a comment "Junying u BACKSTAB qianhui!"

the cake icing was hard for my PLASTIC knife to cut through^^

my family busy bringing the upper tier of the cake out so that i can cut and distribute e cake^^

thanks toshi for being e photographer!!

my lovely PEGGY came down after she close her shop~
she hurt her back and insisted on coming down!
ultra touched!

roy, amanda and terence!
i shall end the post with a picture of me CHOPPING my cake (:


A big thank you to all that came and e sms wishes!!
i love how my life puts its pieces together slowly..
my life is less stressful now as my career starts to stablise~~

though my love life is still as CRAPPY
but im enjoying my single life eh^^
i just hope everything falls into place nicely, at the right time
at the perfect moment (:

good night!

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