i should blog more regularly (;

im getting more lazy to reply text messages and emails regarding nails..

is bcos everytime im finish with my last appointment,
im physically and mentally tired!

anyway i shall start the post with Jewel's not so latest look (:
my sis mistook "cool cut" as a trim, so here u go:

POOR girl look so moody for the next few days!

this is me at bonitochico's shoot (; it was on 10 october!
i rushed to rach's shoot after my morning shoot at sentosa~~
i had a good hair day!!

bea modeling for this gorgeous dress!!

celebrating my sis birthday with her colleagues!

lovely place to chill! i totally forgot the address! arghhh~~

i got no time to trim my fringe~ lol

wearing my agneselle's cocktail top!! super nice! but a lil loose for me though, chest too flat =x

my SELF-MADE bento dinner! super proud of myself!

jewel sleeping (:


a lil too many self shots but i jus wanna post them up ~

below are snapshots of me modelling for odorikoya!

i bought this dress! SUPER NICE!! very comfy too!

i love my new heels (:

my new bb *hearts*

my customer brought her dog over!! so CUTE! and this cute lil thing knows how to pose in front of camera!

Jessica's 21st Tai Tai Party!

happy birthday babe! i hope u enjoyed yr party!
and i won the ultra tai tai award ^^

met mingli and qianhui b4 cabbing down~
the cab driver really drives me nuts... he actually asked mingli to browse the street directory to find sembawang country club cos he doesnt know how to go there!
and the cab fare was $50!! (*&&#&#$

cute shot of jewel! my photos are all mixed up!

lovely mingli! love her to bitss!!

see jessica so happy!

jess and her lovely bf!
he is the ultra sweetest ever! jess has always wanted him to dance "Nobody" as a birthday gift!
he said no~
but he made this super funny korean mtv together with jessica's close friends..
it was a good whole 3 minutes + of funny, sweet, loving mtv~
and after the mtv, 5 guys went up to the stage platform and starting dancing 1 verse + 1 chorus of Nobody!!

really sweet to the maxx!!

happy birthday dearie!!

group photo!! mixture of ngee ann poly people and NRA babes!

verena babe!
benji! he is heading to halloween party (:

i think qian hui is soooo gonna kill me for posting this pic~

late birthday wishes to me n mingli from Lu Ping dear~~ thanks for the lovely chocolates!

and after e party was some house party madness at Jess bf's place!
its huge
and erm
Porshe (:

i hope my mum can allow me to go bangkok so that i can spend some of my hard earn money there =x
i will be busy with apointments till early december where i can finally have an "off" day~
people working in retail line can at least have 1 off day every week.
how come i dont have?

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