Christmas well spent (:

my customer's iphone~~ lol very well decorated by her daiso purchase!!

my daddy preparing dinner for Jewel!

everytime she jus cannot wait for her dinner! look how tall she is when she stands!
i can still carry her with one hand when i bought her, now she weighs 16kg!!

going to amk hub!! forgot which movie i watched...
yes its midnight movie once again!

random mornings when jewel tries to steal my sister's breakfast!
naughty dog ate a whole packet of peanuts that flew all e way from australia, she wasn't feeling well for the next few days and guess what?
she VOMITED on my laptop....
the keyboard was destroyed completely and the mousepad was spoilt too!!
i finally get to say goodbye to my going to 5 year Dell laptop, frankly speaking, i didnt know it could last that long!
thanksfully, i ordered a HP laptop earlier this month, it was delivered to me next day (:

my new laptop~~

jewel is like "can i have a manicure session?"

im attached now to Toshio Sato (:
he's been well, patiently wooing me for a few months..
buying dinner to my place to make sure i eat,
waited hours for me to finish my appointments,
listening to my complains,
reading and translating japanese nail magazines tutorials,
compromising to me,
giving me shoulder massages everytime,
spending his hard earn money buying restaurant food for me,
following me to buy my nail supplies without complaining,
at first i thought this is what guys do when he is after someone,
and of course i met a bastard earlier this year which makes me dont feel like having a boyfriend,
but soon im touched and i said yes (:


dressing up for christmas eve dinner!!

had dinner at Ma Maison where my boy works part time~~

this salad taste good!

his colleagues so funny! keep giving us free flow bread~~

my sea bass!

his beef! along with star-shape carrots and mash potato underneath
how come i knw? i ate them all (:

I LOVE THE DESSERT! they decorated it like a snowman!!

this is Masa and Kaori! they're like giants la so tall!
im gonna have a double date with them on my another self proclaim off day on 29th!
cos masa is leaving on 31 dec!
25th december~~~
my sister's christmas gifts!
toshi n i prepared and we went to sembawang shopping center to have lunch b4 heading to stella's place!

introducing stella's bf Kelvin,
and her hamster, Pudding (:

he's really fat! i mean comparing him and other hamsters,
he is fat.

we played pictionary man!! its really fun!!
i think zijuan enjoyed e game e most cos she really love to draw!!

the thing that im holding on says "JY", which is me
but why m i wearing surfer pants?
wheres my bikini?

sushi!!!!!!! toshi buy sushi!!!!!!!

well that pictionary man with surfer pants is me as well as joe~

matching top eh!!

oh, its me and joe and stella and kelvin (:
thanks la juan! draw swordfish!

then we had ribs, turkey, ham, mash potato etc etc!!

log cake!

I bought him an Agnes.B bracelet (:
he bought me an Agnes B necklace..
few weeks ago i was telling him how much i would love to buy that Agnes.B necklace i saw at isetan~
and when isetan is having a private sale, knowing i can have 20% off, i told my friend im sooooo getting it!
i told toshi abt the sale 1 day b4~
he told me to open my wardrobe, and there lies an Agnes.B paper bag...

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