last month of 2009!

celebrated my mum's birthday on 6th dec at jumbo seafood restaurant!

sis n i have square jaws.. lol so we have to cover it!

i wore this basic smock back tube dress my sis bought from her indonesia trip lonnnggg time ago~

the pretty ladies in the house (:
and heres the course meal i had!
im already starting to miss the food!

family photo! thats my brother and his gf!

make a wishh~~

toshi bought the cake!

random day at MOF!

my december slots are quite full... i have to mark down the dates i want my OFF days.. lol..
and my off days in december is 9 december (:
where i meetup with angela and felicia!

hong kong cafe!!
chit chat sessions are never enough for girls! but unfortunately we have spoilt up after mere 3 hourss~

see u girls soon!!

after meeting the girls, i met my aunt at somerset as im treating her belated birthday dinner at Ao Chan!

my aunt!

its a japanese bbq grill restaurant! i feel its a lil pricey but hey! for good food!!
the meat is really well marinated!
frankly speaking im not a fan of beef but this restaurant really serve tasty beef!

shiso rice!

bbq rice!

must spread this soy sauce on the rice!

straight to tcc for dessert!

i love my camera!

i have irregular meals and i totally love every moment when im able to have my meal out of my home~
i know its bad for my health, but its the only time i can work hard~~

getting ready for chicmoss shoot (:

the blogshop owner brought her cute little chiwawa to the studio!!
her name is Miumiu!
shes really tiny!! and gentle too!
she doesnt make any noise~
thus i think it should be ok if the owner put the dog in her bag and we head for dinner (:

i LOVE going to this reataurant at Liang Court (:
its really affordable!

a shot with miumiu!

cheese chicken fillet!
i think its only $7~~

this buffalo wings is a MUST TRY!

im addicted to crane machine grab grab craze too!
whenever i catch midnight movies at cineleisure~ i'll play bishi bashi and grab a toy (:

i think this bracelet! its juicy couture inspired! from chicmoss!

went to catch O school recital at republic poly!
felicia, toshi and i were waiting for bus 902 at bus interchange, sadly we didnt realise this:

nice (:
it was a saturday~~
felicia! we always watch dance performance together!
i feel like reading my may 09 arhieves when felicia n i went clubbing almost every week!
waiting for performance to start!
toshi n i spent $20++ at pasar malam~~ lol

it was my first time eating ramly burger! and roti john!


see my greedy dog!
my $9.90 hello kitty bedroom slippers!
toshi's 22nd birthday present i got for him in august (:

treated joreen to her belated birthday dinner at Dome (:

i think e food was ok (:

i bought soooo many snacks from this japanese supermarket at liang court (:
oh oh $18 hello kitty usb mouse from pasar malam!
my online / toa payoh shop loots (:

miss selfridge loots!
how did u all spend your christmas?
i spent mine with zijuan, stella and their boyfriends~
and my boyfriend (:
appointment time!

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