Happy New Year!!!

Happy New year!!!!!!!!!
finally 2010 is here and im all set to welcome the new year with new excitments waiting for me!

shall talk abt my pretty bad 2009 in my next post!
now i shall blog about e last dew days of 2009!

29 dec is another of my self proclaim offf day! i went to ZOO with toshi, masa n his gf Kaori!

see the lovely couple! masa is leaving for australia and kaori is heading back to japan as her school is starting!

we had pizza for lunch b4 heading in, it was a weekday but the queue for tickets is really long!

love my camera! it can really zoom in very very near to the animals!


lazy warhog!! (:

at outback australia!
see this kangaroo!! sitting so femininely!!

so funny!!


then we caught the elephant show!

snap snap photos!

KAORI!! shes a really cheerful girl!
snack time! we were waiting for the boat ride (:
boat ride! (:

awwwww so loving@@

ben n jerry!!
thhis lovely penguin father has an egg at his stomach!!

this orang utan is bery bored, it was using this stick n draw circles ~~

neoprints from x'mas!
31 dec im suppose to hav an appointment but a bride-to-be forgot her appt...
i went for danzelia photoshoot at 6.30pm till abt 9~ then head to toshi's place to steamboat!

then to shaun's place countdown!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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