i can't sleep!

its 4.02am and im here blogging on a sleepless night!

i tried curling my hair with my curling tong bought at mustafa sometime back!
apparantly it isn't really hot HOT to curl my hair,
thus i applied huge amt of wax and make myself look like an auntie!

need new tongs!

i like my make-up though (:

toshi and i were suppose to head to town for a movie in e end we bought 9 dvd movies for $84 and went straight to my place n watch~~

this is a typical young girl with her bf shot (:

mid jan, rachel (principal of Pink Room) called me and ask if i was interested to do an assignment for an agency who is shooting a jewellery shoot for 3 male models..
all i hav to do is to clean their cuticles and shape their nails,
i get good money (:

once again my barang barang~~

the photographer, shooting director and wardrobe stylist!

the male model hands were simply tooo big to fit in my pink manicure bowl! lol

this model is from Brazil!

me at work!

see so serious!

2nd location! it was a golf shot!

see e model "playing golf"
this is a brazil model too!

last location was at a studio (:
i love their wall outside, its filled with polaroid photos!! very nicely decorated!

waiting for the model to arrive (:

an example of my finished work.. lol~

picture with Italy model!
then i rush home for my appointment! lol!

sunday i met up with zijuan, stella & her hubby-to-be~~

ever since toshi is with me, we seldom take public transport,
reason being i take tooooo long to prepare.. heehee

its really once in awhile i get to meet my friends..
i really treasure all the moments when we meet..
gossip abt their work politics which i dont have! lol
discussing abt their wedding plans (:

this is Yuta and Takayuki (:
toshi's very long japanese friends~~

we all dine together at Ma Maison!!

yum yummm!!

i think it is the ANGLE PROBLEM
makes my dog look so ultra fat!
photographer: Toshio Sato
model: Jewel
location: my bed~
recently i've been waking up with block nose, i thought im sick which i cant afford to!
i will drink lots of water, its really helping! (:
Chinese New Year is coming!
its my first time to be officially doing CNY nails at such tight timeslots from 9am to 3am for 7 days straight! im not sure whether i can cope!
p/s. i dont understans why someone can try sooooooo hard to copy people, little do they knw they actually FAILED miserably! HAHA!

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