odorikoya love!!!

i just reach home from from Odorikoya shoot!
i MUST post this new manufactured dress!

its their first manufactured dress and its SUPER NICE!

but first,
see my dog (:

okok~ here it is!

this lovely shade of mint green is very nice!! i kept a piece myself! hee
i think e contrast is jus nice.. colour is not that harsh (:

another colour is black and champagne look very elegant~
see the blogshop owner so happy =x hahas!

underside of e tube dress has this anti-slip ribber lining across chest area..
some tubes i have keep slipping down when i wear it.. so this rubber lining prevents the tube from slipping off your chest!
this dress gonna launch tomorrow! wonder how the shoot pics will turn out.. lol
customer coming! nails time!! (:

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