happy new year!!

i got influenced by toshi cos he is japanese..
excuse for me to tie a bun on my head (:

PARDON THE BRA.. its not mine (: hahas

my hair is long thus my bun look quite huge =x

i jus cant find words to describe how adorable my dog is!
she is jus TOO CUTE!! such a dearie in the family (:
brought her for er yearly vaccine in e morning, shes slightly overweight =x

ok happy chinese new year!! im sooo late in posting this but i wish everyone in good health and luck this year!!
HUAT AH!!!!!!
i jus hope my business can do better and better (:

pictures taken at grandparent's!
my elder sis!

sis and mummy^^

myself and mummy!
i had to tie my hair cos i so love the cheongsam im wearing! cant hide away the beautiful neck details with my dry hair!

on a side note, i feel like im a waitress in a chinese restaurant cos of my hair + outfit.. ahas~~

such camwhoress!!
wonder why my relatives "quit" gambling this year ?
maybe they r saving for casino! lol..

as u all knew, CNY falls on Valentine's Day this year, my dear toshi made me chocolates!
its out of shape, the facade of it doesnt really appeal,
but its the sweetest! loveliest! most romantic gift i've receive from any guy!!
i LOVE handmade presents! (:

there is heart shape, duck, flowers and broken parts of dont know what.. heehee

nice nice!

In Japan, girls are suppose to make chocolate and give it to their significant other, and the boy will have to make a return gift to the girl on 14 March...
guess its the other way round for my case! =x
im sorrryyy!! i dont have time to get the gift for you toshi!! i'll be returning a nice gift to u!! (:

we were heading out, so normally my dog will look like this before we head out:


"please dont leave me at home?"
Mr Sato!!


*kiss kiss*

i wass wearing grey contacts (:

we went to thai express for lunch!

i love this prawn toast! i'll always order it when im at Thai Express!

and i always eat tom yum soup with rice!

spicy!! then i'll order the watermelon lime juice!
its really effective in relieving spicy taste in yr mouth!
perfect combination (:

did a bit of shopping at Bugis (:
i bought a bag for him, half valentine's day present~~

see soo happy^^^

happy until he doesnt wanna show that hes happy (: heehee

im sooo bored~~

this set of hair styling tongs is a gift from my customer!
she knew i wanted a pair of new tongs and she specially got her fren and bought it for me from HK!! (: (:
and its PINK!!!
i've already tried it and its hot enough, the curls were super pretty!!
bought this lovely nude flats from Mitju (: (:

this is Sato and Jewel battling between the mattress (:

haaaaaahahaha!! this photo jus shows how fat my dog is~~

i act jap once again!
and im wearing Dr Martin inspired boots i bought online from Taiwan!
its really cool! check this out : Product Info
i paid $104.50 for this pair of pretties... plus shipping of cos~
it can be worn as boots (look like army boots) or fold it down and show the pretty stars within it!!

heading out!!!

sis n i totally missed Ikea's food!
kinda ordered alot^^

omg chicken wings! im craving for them already^^

this Diam Cake is really delicious!!!!
really! my sis kept asking me to try one!
lol its really very creamy chocolate i love it!!!!!!!!!

i bought $400+ worth of stuff from there ~ im heading back this weekend to purchase table~
i feel that i dont hav enough rest from the CNY hectic week that i had.
I work from 9am - 3am for 7 days =(
i think i need better time management next year, i cant be happily filliing slots for customers and forget about my health n well being!
and on 12 feb, i work from 8.30am - 5.30am can u believe it?!!
i felt like OMG whenever i wake up in e morning b4 my first appointment, asking myself, "how come my time management sucksss"
hahas i went through it anyway! and it was worth it!!!! (:
The harvest was good!! (:

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