Majolica Majorca Chapter 26 : She was a doll

I'm selected to be Majolica Majorca ambassador for 2010! (:
I met up with the friendly in-charge Yanny and im officially part of MJ ambassador family!! (:

Now I'm going to introduce to my readers the first MJ product launch for 2010!
Chapter 26 : She was a doll

its all about having dolly eyes that are so alluring!

i went to Shiseido office for MJ meeting!
i stepped into the room and this is what i saw!!

these dolls are astonishingly cute!!

other ambassadors going gaga over the cute dolls!
we were allowed to keep one each!! how cool is that! (:

these are some of the larger dolls (not allowed to keep) on display^^

and these smaller versions, we all had a hard time choosing which ones to keep!

in e end i choose this ddung doll! mainly bcos she has the same hairstyle as me! heehee

look at the food for the dolls~~ they look so yummy^^
we were allowed to da-bao the food home too!

it was my first time attending MJ meeting, and i felt soooo pampered by them already!
we had free flow of Frolick yogurt!! it has marsmallow toppings on it~

*yum yum*

this is the display of their new launch, She was a doll.

with audrey, cordelia, kanny and huirong, the other MJ ambassadors!

peggy dear! shes the newly appointed ambassador for 2010 as well! (:

this is Ferlyn! she is also a new ambassador! (:
she studied in Japan and she can speak very very fluent japanese!

after Yanny introduce us to the new products, we were given a makeover!

i tried out their new mascara!

one of their professional make up artist dolling up my lashes!

i love the feeling of MUA putting make up for me (:

i feel like a princess =p

i will show u the magic of the mascara in a while!

i love the decoration of the room! the staff must have put in lots of effort decorating it! (:

group photo!

let me show u babes what i receive in my press kit!

MJ new Jeweling Eyes eyeshadows in 2 new shades!

new mascaras!

LOVELY MJ diary with a matching pen!
i heart this girly addition to my bookshelves (:

i shall introduce their new mascara!

new mascara base - Lash Bone Black Fiber In!

this mascara base coats each and every lash for maximum thickness, definition, length and density!

the real cool thing about this mascara base is their - Jet Black fibers, invented by Shiseido! it has a tinge of black colour and doesn't give off any white residue when you apply it! (:

and it contains vitamin E and Macadamia Ternifolia Nut Oil which nourishes your lashes at the same time!

This mascara base will be tagged at S$24.90 (:

another new mascara is the Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On!

Upon first application, your lashes can be instantly thick, glossy & jet-black!

- Formulated with Volume Up Powder and Volume Fit Wax

it has the new double comb with thick and fine teeth to seperate while thickening lashes!

Have any you babes experience smudges while applying mascara when you accidentally sneezed??

Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On has Speedy Dry Oil which allows mascara fluid to dry quickly!

- Resist tears, sweat and sebum effectively!

Just like the mascara base, it also contains Vitamin E and Macadamia Ternifolia Nut Oil that nourishes your lashes!

this mascara will be retailing at S$25.90

many girls should know MJ has launch many pretty eyeshadows from their Jeweling Eyes collection! For this chapter, there are 2 brand new shades!!

Lovely blue and green shade!

pretty pinkish tone! (:
these pastels colours are perfect for a girly look~

sometimes i should do away from the dark smokey eyes and go for these sweet colours instead! (:

look at the eyeshadow colours by BL711!!

it totally matches the outfit i wore for the launch! (:

another favourite pinkish tone!
its light and sweet!

The eyeshadows will be retailing at S$27.50..

i am going to do a mini tutorial applying eyeshadow BL711!

namely 1 - 4, i am going to do some simple steps to create pretty dolly eyes!

*primer allows your eyeshadow to stay longer*

( apply no.1 )

* it makes your eyes look bigger*
it is what we want to achieve in this look (:

apply eyeliner (:

i drew the eyeliner with a cat-eye effect, it makes your eyes look more alluring (:

i am going to finish off my look with the mascaras!

left - Lash Bone Black Fiber In (Mascara Base)
right - Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On

i will start by applying the Lash Bone Black Fiber In

u can actually see the black fibers!

the base adds maximum volume for my next application, Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On!

u can see the fine teeth and wide teeth (:

if you want dolly thick lashes, use the side with fine teeth to add volume to each and every lash perfectly!


if you want lashes with maximum thickness, use the side with wide teeth for irresistibly dramatic dolly lashes!!

i wanted thick lashes thus i use the side with fine teeth!

when applying mascara to the inner and outer lashes, tilt the comb brish and use the tip!

look at my lashes!

i really love the effect especially on my lower lash!

on a side note, i am someone with very little and SHORT lower lash!

i even have a "bald" area near the end of my eye =(

but with Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On, i finally have lower lash!!!!!

see see from side view! nice right?? hee

ps. i didnt curl my lashes when applying the mascara! u can have a more dolly effect if u curl your lashes before applying mascara (:

loving the Jeweling Eyes!


All products shown above will be out in stores on 8 February 2010!! (:

Thanks for reading babes!

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