friends & bf make my day (:

hi people! i took sooo long to get all the photos uploaded!

im trying to blog more regularly but i realise my blog post comes in one whole chunk of overdued photos! heehee
i always long for regular outings with my gfs but all of us r jus too busy with our work.. therefore i organise a gathering on 13 march! (:

zijuan came over to soak off her CNY nails b4 heading to marina square to meet up with e rest (:
zijuan n i had hong kong cafe for lunch!

tie my air up that day ^^

we met stella and ginnie at k box! i cant recall the last time i went to a karaoke~~

zijuan is really happy!

stella! this girl is getting married next year^^

2 mikes! louder ah? lol!

photos session!

this photo is dark but i think i look funny here =x

me using zjuan's camera to take pretty photos ^^

ginnie! she was my nail competition model and i got champion! heehee (:
after ktv, meet hiroshi to have dinner! (:

we went to Ao Chan again! its a very cozy Japanese BBQ restaurant!
the meat there are marinated very well, even the vegetables are tasty too!

this brown sauce they have really do wonders!

hiroshi! he went to japan to study and came back during holiday~~

toilet break! my stomach was soooo bloated!

i went to les affaires office! (: heehee

i will blog about it soon! (:

toshi bully my jewel ;( he pasted a sticker on her head and she doesnt even know!

i also went to carrie academy to help rachael be her hair model!
i also offered to help her classmate be her model too as they were short of models (:

me enjoying my hair being style up nicely! its mainly for bridal (:

see so nice! its done up within 30 mins (:
they say my hair is really long! lol

this is what rachael did! (:
she added this black rose which i love it alot! (:

rachael and i! (:

after the hair session, went to hong kong cafe with  hiroshi (:

we ordered quite alot of food !

i ask hiroshi to "eat" the ice cream but he laugh and laugh~~ lol

we were talking halfway and suddenly the ice cream dropped!!



i tie my hair up in a bun!
toshi's camera shots~~

random day dinner "American Breakfast" hahas!
made by my beloved sister!

see toshi bully jewel again!!

photoshoot! my resting place for photoshoot was jus in front of Chatsworth International School, toshi's ex school!

i went for crazy shopping trip after that with trina! will blog abt it in the next post! (:
monday went for odorikoya shoot on monday!
i shoot with their new model Serena!
she is TALL!
serena with heels and me without! lol shes tooooo tall!

im quite into tieing my har recently..
i used 2 hair pins for this above hairstyle! (:

the back view! nice right! oh my tian lo this girl has got talent!

my favourite black rose again! hahaha~~
tomorrow going for bone therapy :(

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