after my photoshoot on sundday~
i met trina and i told her im gonna finish spending all my cash thats in my wallet (:

it was madness!!!!
and it was FUN!!

i went to far east and find her as she was gettting her pedicure done (;
then we started mad shopping!!

we walked around far east i bought a super kawaii cardigan and a ruffles top!
got some accessories too!

i have been thinking whether i should reward myself for being so hardworking during CNY and i really needed a new wallet (:
trina is really nice and accompanied me boutiques after boutiques thinking which is good (:
and she is really good at giving suggestions! (:

too bad i had to bid goodbye in e evening and her beloved is finally flying back from bangkok! hee


i did her nails on saturday! super nice (:

ok look at my LOOTS!
its really heavy^^

review review!
i love to take out all my purchases when i get home, i like to lay them out nicely, take pictures and smile at them.. hahas~~

Aldo bag! i eye on this bag quite sometime ago but Sato stopped me from buying it! lol

i finally lay my hands on them muahahahaaa!! and trina accompanied me from wisma to centerpoint outlet to collect this bagg~


far east purchases~~ lol and i bought lingeries and panties too! cannot take pictures of that la.. lol

and finally after living for 21 years, i bought my first branded purchase using my hard earn money (:
i got an LV bag for my birthday last year and i haven use it.. lol.. i will soon!

i must take more pictures.. hahas~ cos its pretty!!!

nice nice????
i love it! i love long wallet!
and the compartments were jus nice for me! weeeeee~~
and i bought this using cash too! hahaha!
cos i scare no nets =x lol so kuku!

i cant stop raving on this texture~ its lambskin (:
really soft! weeeeee (: (:
im happy!
received a call from yanny regarding the next MJ launch! so excited about it!
im going to bed soon! good night! (:

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