Sentosa Trip by 24seven!

i was honoured to be invited by Kris to attend this blogger event at Sentosa!
and i can bring my bf along! teehee =p

we gathered at vivocity and took a tram in (:

with the event organisers (:
it was my first outing with them and i was a lil shy to speak to other bloggers.. lol

we took a short walk to our destination!

seems like its been AGES since i saw the Merlion! hahas~~

toshi and i agreed that this pic jus look so cool.. lol
the purpose of this wonderful outing is to get on the 4D magix Cineblast rides!!

there were 3 different rides, namely:
1. Pirates in 4D
2. Extreme Log Ride
3. Desperados

we were waiting to get on Desperados!
this is a really cool ride!

waiting to get in!
we were asked to sit on this movable seat with a hand held "gun" (:
yes the seat moves like a horse and we were suppose to shoot bad guys in this ride!

listening to the instructions......

we were too busy shooting! and they took pictures of all "riders" so that we can be ranked if we get into top 3! heehee

this was my final score! i think i did well enough,
at least better than Toshi, he got 19 =x
e replied "the aiming was bad" lol does that mean my aiming is very bad? hahas
there are about 20+ seats in total for this ride.
i feel that this ride is too short!
its really fun i LOVE shooting games!

we say byebye to the cowboy ride and queue for the exciting Extreme Log ride next!

walking down the queue line!

this is cute~~ lol u get to take pictures and purchase them if u want to!

waited for about 10 mins b4 we can move in to the pre-ride tutorial!


we were given the 3D specs and move in to the pre-ride tutorial room! its well decorated by these face portraits! lol

theres a video of the dos and don'ts which i think its pretty well explained, it is important for rides like that!

in my seat waiting for the ride to start! its actually my favourite ride!
the seats will move according to the 3D effects of this ride!
i love sitting on roller costers! this is jus the ride for me!
hee im getting rready for the universal studio to open (:

its really fun as this log brings us through jungles and waterfalls etc!
i feel like im really part of it!

byebye to Extreme Log Ride and moving on to the last ride: Pirates in 4d!
i thought 'hoow 4D can it be??"

queueing!! theres a pre-ride tutorial too!

i understand what they meant by 4D now! lol
the film is about pirates getting to their treasure chest but their caption is a baddie!
and there are tricks and pranks played by this little boy & his monkey!
i was totally shocked when i can literally feel the effects when i feel something brushing on my legs! (its when the film shows crabs attacking the pirates!)
strong wind by the sea current!
spraying of water when the pirate spits! ewwwww!!! lol
the chairs jerks too when the caption punches the pirates!
it was my first time getting on these rides and i was amazed by what a short film can surprise me so much!
(p.s i lifted my legs all the way when some bristles were brushing my legs at the crab part! hahas! so scaryyy)

the 4D magix theatre! (:

time flies and it marks the end of the fun trip!!

group photo!!
we had lunch at Subway after that! and i made a new fren, Clara!
shes really nice and sweet! (: (:
toshi n i really enjoyed ourselves! hee
i hope there are more outings in future!
Thanks Kris for inviting me! (:

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