some updates (:

during CNY every year, my aunt will bring me to her friend's place, cos her friend's place is like a pet shop (:

from 1 dog to 3 dogs now! lol!

she has a room with 11 guinea pigs and dont know how many chinchilla!!

see how greedy dogs are!

reminds me of my dog.. lol "give the dog your food...................."

here is some interesting shots of my dog~~

totally awsome shot!! jus nice when i click on shutter, my dog looked at my sis!

of cos i wanna try but my sis is such a poor photographer! mus capture the moment!!

my poor thigh! i think i got it during the ikea trip! :(

"we the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one............."


i purchase circle lens online in dec and it arrive on feb... took quite long but its nice!

i've tried it on but it feels a lil uncomfortable~~ maybe im not use to it?

its pretty~~ makes me have puppy eyes (:

working at Asia Poker Showdown!

thanks to Cordelia for the job!!

unfortunately i was late due to the stupid jam!!!

required to tie my hair up!

i dont really fancy tieing my hair like that but no choice! lol

im still getting use to revealing my square jaw to people!

mable babe! she is one gorgeous lady!! super skinny to the max~

look at corde's pretty jumpsuit! i love it man~~

girls i worked with that night!!

thanks corde for the job!!

sexy jess! hee we realise we only stay a few blocks away! and promise each other to have supper soon!

this lovely girl is our photographer~~

what?! a girl?

shes quite sexy though^^ heehee

remember my previous post on the sentosa trip?

heres the aftermath, (:

toshi looking at pretty girl (:

i've been combing my fringe back because its too long!!

universal studio! its opening on 18 march! im super excited!!!! but i think i gotta wait awhile to have a chance to go there! so excited!!

we went to vivocity~~

played some games, shop around!

i love this jungle shooting game! i've been playing it since dont know when,

and i've never complete it! lol

toshi playing~~ y m i not playing?


donuts! not for us! for jewel!

theres this lovely bakery there for dogs!! im so gonna get their birthday cake for jewel this year!
my crazy purchases from Daiso!!

that face massage thingy is actually for men! lol
but who cares? my huge jaw can be comparable to men!

magic poker cards! its in japanese so im getting Sato to teach me!

topshop! quite sad as i bought it in e wrong size... but wearable still! (:

im a nail artist~ thus i hav cravings to actually update my nail polish collections time after time,
until i have literally NO MORE SPACE for new ones, and i stacked the new ones beside my wardroble in boxes...
i was in a very patient mood that day thus i rearrange all my nail polishes (in their codes accordingly) and give them a new home (:

this is just the OPI colours =x
my self proclaim off day!! i went to get treatment done for my hair!
and i requested to get my hair perm temporary~~

not bad ya?
i think i look a lil mature here ~

ok my incredible buy from Daiso - lower lashes!
its soooo natural looking!
took me soooo long to get them into place!
its from MJ! (: (: (:
head to town with Sato~
i dont know why he look so pissed off~
and he aactually reads my blog,
but refuses to tag a friendly comment at my blog~

had pasta for dinner~

gonna rest already! i hav places to chiong to tomorrow!
busy busy^^

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