something to blog about~~

i jus put up my twitter link!!! PLEASE CLICK HERE ------->>>>>

recently its jus hanging out with my bf and photoshoots and nailss (:

i havent been logging into my facebook and i hav about 400 friend request~ =x
i always love to hang out at toa payoh entertainment center!


- cinema
- food
- arcade

hahas! theres an eng wah cinema there which i dont know why alot of people feel that that cinema isnt good? its good enough for me!
and weekends ticket price if u pay by Nets its $8 only!
hurhur im soo auntie.....

i LOVE eating at this food outlet i always call 台湾小吃!
it has been there ever since entertainment is build i guess! loving e food there and they have awsome bubble tea! (:

dinner dinner! its crowded lo.....

日本仔 waiting patiently for his food (:

went to watch Book Of Eli after that (: it was not bad~
shows abt humanity and religon ~
at night i was dressed up as a rapper/ hip hopper to do this video project for my bf~
i cannot believe (till now) that i actually accomplish that video for him.. OH MY GOODNESS~~~~

my outfit~ lol

i wore sunglasses cos i already remove my lashes and my contacts~

i was playing with my camera and i took this interesting shot that made Sato very tiny (:
here it is:


Monday was Odorikoya shoot!
i heart Serena cos shes really professional and she can really pose!!

the woman behind Odorikoya! heehee

one of their dresses!! all pending already^^

i was having such a bad fringe day :( :(
i hav this side parting which i couldnt get rid of, thus i hav to continuously comb it!

this romper is really cool!
i tie my hair up to give it an edgy look! hehe~

serena preparing to take her shots!

this is e romper! (: nice?

after the shoot i went home and do soak off acrylic nails for my customer, and i told her my left eye is kinda painful~
i thought its e lashes cos i didnt paste it properly earlier that day~
but no,
i woke up today and my left eye was SWOLLEN..
swollen until my double eyelid gone! :(
and its really painful when i blink!
i had to cancel 2 of my nail appointment and rush to the doc!
heres the conversation i had with the doc,

doc: hi Junying, so how can i help today?
me: doctor i got sore eye very painful.
doc: yaya i see its swollen, let me see whether i can find the 头 and poke it~
me: (SHIT) orh.. burst it ah?
doc: ya so that the pus can flow out, will bleed a little ok. Get yr eye fix asap.
me: (DOUBLE SHIT) har.. ok lo..
proceeds to the bed and doc took out a needle head.

TRIPLE SHIT lah~~~ i hate needles and i have to OPEN my eyes and let a needle POKE my eyelid!!

yes its painful and my eye bled!
o well no choice, till now its still abit swollen and painful~

and e eyedrop doc gave me is weird, after dripping 2 drops (as prescription), after awhile my throat taste BITTER! :( :(

my eye better heal tomorrow.

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